Switzerland government tender for N13 ep06 parking place hinterrhein nord, construction works trains and structures

Switzerland government tenders for N13 ep06 parking place hinterrhein nord, construction works trains and structures. Ref No: 15102248, Deadline: 29th Sep 2017.

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Country : Switzerland
Summary :

N13 ep06 parking place hinterrhein nord, construction works trains and structures

TOT Ref No : 15102248
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 977945
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Bedarfsstelle/Vergabestelle Ufficio federale delle strade USTRA Beschaffungsstelle/Organisator Ufficio federale delle strade USTRA Filiale Bellinzona divisione Infrastruttura stradale, settore Supporto, zu Hdn. von "NICHT ÖFFNEN, Offerte N13 EP06 Parkplatz–Hinterrhein Nord, Bauarbeiten Trassee und Kunstbauten", Via C. Pellandini 2a, 6500 Bellinzona, Schweiz, Telefon +41 58 469 68 11, Fax +41 58 469 68 90,
Email :acquistipubblici@astra.admin.ch
URL :www.astra.admin.ch, www.simap.ch
Tender Details :

N13 ep06 parking place hinterrhein nord, construction works trains and structures see point 4.5 “other information“. 2.7 place of execution switzerland ch 7430 thusis / gr 7438 hinterrhein / gr. 2.8 duration of the contract, the framework agreement or the dynamic purchasing system start: 01.03.2018, end: 31.12.2021 this order can be extended: yes description of the extensions: an extension occurs when,the necessary credit approval, the time limits for approval procedures and / or unforeseen circumstances. 2.9 options no 2.10 award criteria see point 4.5 “other information“. 2.11 are variants allowed yes remarks: financial variants: nontechnical variants: jadthe technical variants are only subject tosubject to the following conditions: - the provisions of document a5 “special provisions of construction“ are complied with, - the dates are observed (intermediate and final dates), - the contracting authorities provided by the contracting authority - the final product(form, quality, static / structural concept, materials used, etc.) - the costs associated with the changes and execution risks are borne by the contractor. In the event that a project revision has to take place because of the execution variant, is carried out by the project engineer,the associated costs to the company. In the case of an offer comparison, these costs must be estimated and added to the variant offer price. An entrepreneur variant is only taken into account in the evaluation if the offeror simultaneously submitted a complete and correct offer for the office variant. In particular, it isit is necessary to submit the same documents, which are required for the basic offer, in separate, complete and detailed form. An entrepreneur variant must contain all the information and / or documents required for its technical and economic evaluation. The official version is to be submitted in all cases. Flat rate and global offers and / or offers with an hourly rate are excluded. 2.12 are partial offers allowed no remarks: tenders must be submitted in full. Modifications to the quotation text are not permitted. Partial offers are invalid and are excluded from the application. 2.13 execution date beginning 01.04.2018 and end 31.10.20213.

Deadline : 29th Sep 2017
Documents : Download

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