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Low Cost Aerial Delivery Systems

Country : USA
Summary :

Low Cost Aerial Delivery Systems

TOT Ref No : 32373733
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Contracting Office Address: 507 Symington Drive
Room W202
Scott Afb
Illinois 62225-5022
United States

Primary Point of Contact: Brooke Z. Lorig,

Contract Specialist
Email :brooke.lorig.1@us.af.mil
Tender Details :

The 763 scons is seeking information from potential sources capable of providing a quantity of 400, lcads lcc to be delivered at fairchild air force base (afb), washington (wa) no later than (nlt) 15 aug 19. Each lcads lcc must be assembled in accordance with (iaw) the specification sheet (see attachment 1) and iaw technical manual (tm) 4-48.03 /technical order (to) 13c7-1-11 (chapter 12, section-3 "rigging 55-gallon drums in lcads lcc for high velocity airdrop" / ref pages 12-16 through 12-18 (pages 226-228) (see attachment 2).

The 763 scons is interested in what vendors, if any, intend to provide a quote if an rfq is
Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file.
Sources sought docs
type: other (draft rfps/rfis, responses to questions, etc..)
label: sources sought docs
posted date: april 17, 2019
sources_sought_lcds_lcc.pdf (88.98 kb)
description: sources sought notice
attachment_1_-_specification_sheet.pdf (77.08 kb)
description: specification sheet
attachment_2_-_rigging_regulation.pdf (283.16 kb)
description: rigging regulation

81 -- containers, packaging, & packing supplies
naics code:
321 -- wood product manufacturing/321920 -- wood container and pallet manufacturing

321 -- wood product manufacturing/321920 -- wood container and pallet manufacturing

for help: federal service deskaccessibility
added: apr 17, 2019 3:37 pm

Deadline : 24th Apr 2019
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