Canada government tender for Learning services quarterly refresh (e60zh-1700ls/d) (e60zh-1700ls/d)

Canada government tenders for Learning services quarterly refresh (e60zh-1700ls/d) (e60zh-1700ls/d). Ref No: 14929291, Deadline: 13th Apr 2018.

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Country : Canada
Summary :

Learning services quarterly refresh (e60zh-1700ls/d) (e60zh-1700ls/d)

TOT Ref No : 14929291
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : PW-$$ZH-144-31664
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Contact name Le, Lisa/Lepage, M-C Contact email Contact phone (873) 469-4661 ( ) Contact address 11 Laurier St. / 11, rue Laurier 10C1, Place du Portage Gatineau, Québec K1A 0S5
Tender Details :

Trade agreement: wto-agp/nafta/canada ftas with peru/colombia/panama tendering procedures: all interested suppliers may submit a bid competitive procurement strategy: best overall proposal comprehensive land claim agreement: no nature of requirements:
learning services quarterly refresh (e60zh-1700ls/d)
e60zh-1700ls/d manager of the training and specialized services division zh acquisitions branch, professional services procurement directorate
the government electronic tendering service on ( the sole authoritative source for government of canada tenders that are subject to trade agreements or subject to departmental policies that require public advertising of tenders.
in order to respond to all federal government departments and crown corporations learning services requirement for government-owned courses, canada manages a learning services method of supply including both a supply arrangements (sas) and standing offers (sos) designed to provide access to pre-qualified suppliers.
the latest re-competition of the learning services method for supply arrangement (rfsa) and for standing offer (rfso), e60zh-1700ls/b, was conducted in february 2017.
as a result of this re-competition sas and sos have been issued to a list of pre-qualified suppliers.
to allow additional suppliers to qualify to the supply arrangement (sa) for learning services and for existing suppliers to request for additional information to their existing sa, such as stream(s) and/or category(ies) and region(s) and/or metropolitan area(s), canada will proceed on a quarterly basis, with a refresh periods of the request for supply arrangement (rfsa).
there will be no opportunity to qualify for standing offers during the rfsa quarterly refresh periods. Suppliers will need to wait for the next re-compete of the learning services method of supply that is anticipated in november 2018.
the rfsa quarterly refresh bid solicitation will be opened for electronic bidding only (paperless), for new bidders and existing suppliers, on pre-determinated dates, in the data collection component (dcc) of the centralized professional services system (cpss). See part a of component ii of the solicitation document.
existing suppliers who received an sa under the 2017 e60zh-1700ls/b not interested in requesting for additional information to their existing sa are not required to respond to the quarterly refresh rfsa to retain the previously awarded streams and categories.
each bid may result in a supply arrangement (sa). All sas that will be issued as a result of the quarterly refresh rfsa will end on december 31, 2018.
the learning services method of supply includes 7 streams. Each stream is composed of various resources categories.

Deadline : 13th Apr 2018
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