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International Consultancy: Strengthening and Validation of a National Resource Ce

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  • Dominican Republic
  • International Consultancy: Strengthening and Validation of a National Resource Center
  • 1st Aug 2019

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  • ICB
  • United Nations Secretariat
    UN House Avenida Anacaona #9 Edificio de las Naciones Unidas Mirador Sur, Santo Domingo Country code 1.809 Tel: 473.7373
    Dominican Republic
    Email :santodomingo@unicef.org
    URL :www.unicef.org

Key Values

  • Tenders are invited for International Consultancy: Strengthening and Validation of a National Resource Center for the Educational Inclusion of Children and Adolescents with Disabilities. REFERENCE TERMS International Consultancy: Strengthening and validation of a National Resource Center for the educational inclusion of children and adolescents with disabilities. Attention to Diversity is one of the dimensions of the Curriculum for Competency Development Policy (Strategic Plan 2017-2020, MINERD, page 57), whose general objective of Goal 4 is "To ensure the inclusion of all children, girls and adolescents in situations of vulnerability so that they have equal educational opportunities, reducing disparities in access, participation, permanence and in the achievement of learning ". In this sense, the Dominican Republic has been developing significant experiences of support for students with specific needs for educational support, students at risk and dropout, some of them in collaboration with NGOs, organizations and national and international institutions. In the Departmental Order 03-2008, the considerations that support the approach of inclusive education and attention to diversity and justify the initiatives that give coherence to its fulfillment are gathered. In addition, Ordinance 04-2018 establishes the support for the population with specific educational support needs, within which the provision of accessible resources for all is contemplated. Since 2004, the National Resource Center for Visual Disability Olga Estrella, a unit of the Directorate of Special Education of the Ministry of Education, has been transcribing books into the Braille system. Recently in 2018, it started the expansion of support services for students with sensory disabilities with the creation of a sign language production team, which has started the production of stories, fables and other content. in Dominican Sign Language. Analysis of the situation In the Dominican Republic, more than 25,000 children between 0 and 9 years old and around 58,000 between 10 and 19 years old have some type of disability. The general population of school-age children and young people with disabilities amounts to about 83,000 girls, boys and adolescents, with 1.82% being girls and adolescents, and 2.24% boys and adolescents up to 19 years of age [1]. According to data from ENHOGAR 2013, educational exclusion is high in the population with disabilities from 3 to 19 years of age. 41% of children and 38% of girls are outside the formal education system, which doubles the non-disabled population outside of school, which is 20% of boys and 19% of girls. In 2013, the Ministry of Education carried out an information survey at national level in 9,982 schools, that is, 87% of the 11,519 public and private schools, and identified 26,581 children and young people with signs of disability: 10,470 girls and 16,111 children. 91% of students with disabilities attend regular schools, 74% of them attend general state schools. In this same survey, 52% of schools report not having children with disabilities; of these, 48% rejected the admission of students with disabilities and 52% expressed their wish to accept them. During the 2011-2012 academic year, some 4,578 students enrolled in special education schools. In addition, this study shows that 64% of schools do not have staff to support the inclusion of students with disabilities and 59% do not have specific methodological strategies or teaching resources adapted to students with disabilities and their learning process. JUSTIFICATION The Ministry of Education has a national curriculum that raises educational inclusion as one of its pillars, assuming the responsibility of guaranteeing the right to education for people with disabilities or other specific need for educational support. For the effective implementation of an inclusive curriculum, the Ministry of Education needs to strengthen its capacities to extend support to educational centers with accessible didactic resources for disabilities and structured training programs for teachers, to achieve the learning of all children and young people, regardless of their disability or specific need for educational support, OVERALL OBJECTIVE Strengthen and validate the national resource center for the educational inclusion of children and adolescents with disabilities in regular schools, which generates information, teacher training programs and accessible educational resources for greater access, learning and school completion of this population. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES Advise and collaborate with the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic in the review and improvement of educational strategies and programs aimed at the population with disabilities, maintaining consistency with the national curriculum. Redesign the National Resource Center for Educational Attention to the Population with Olga Estrella Disability, which generates educational resources, training and research demands in all strategies and programs of educational attention to the population with disabilities. Validate the strategies of the National Resource Center for Educational Attention to the Population with Disability in the Regional 10 of Santo Domingo Este (6 Educational Centers, a Pilot Schools Center). TASKS FOR SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES T areas of objective 1. 1.1 Diagnosis of educational services for the population with disabilities, offered by the Ministry of Education, through readings of the designs, observation of services, national and MINERD statistical data, national studies and research and observation of information services in 3 Regional Education: Santiago (08), San Juan (02) and Santo Domingo Este (10). A day of observation by educational regional. 1.2 Generate a 10-page report with recommendations based on the observations of the services in Santiago, San Juan and Santo Domingo Este. Objective 2 tasks. 2.1 Preparation of a redesign document for the National Resource Center for Educational Attention to the Population with Disabilities, operational operating plan, organizational structure of the Resource Center, in collaboration with the MINERD team. 2.2 Design of a resource kit for intellectual disability, integrating ICT as much as possible, in coherence with the national curriculum, the regulations in force and the universal design of learning. Each resource must have a technical description. 2.3 Design of a continuous training plan for technicians and teachers in methodologies and appropriate use of accessible pedagogical resources, in coordination with INAFOCAM. 2.4 Training of the MINERD team of experts as trainers of trainers, composed of technicians from the Ministry of Education. 2.5 Advice to the pilot of implementation of the National Resource Center. Objective 3 tasks. 3.1 Accompany the MINERD expert team in the training of technicians and teachers in the use of methodologies and appropriate use of accessible pedagogical resources. 3.2 Training in digital literacy to a team of MINERD experts as trainers of trainers, so that they develop individualized pedagogical resources. 3.3 Train the technicians in the adequate accompaniment of the teachers in the pedagogical process in the classroom. PRODUCTS PRODUCT 1: Technical proposal and work schedule, agreed with MINERD and UNICEF. PRODUCT 2: Report of the survey on the proposed services with recommendations to improve the MINERD educational strategies and programs aimed at the population with disabilities. PRODUCT 3: Redesign documents for the National Resource Center for Educational Attention to the Population with Disability. PRODUCT 4: Report of the pre and post training process to the MINERD expert team. PRODUCT 5: Validation report of the National Center of Resources for Educational Attention to the Population with Disability in the regional 10 of Santo Domingo East, and product 2 improved Validate (in 6 Pilot Educational Centers of Santo Domingo 10). DURATION 8 months from the signing of the contract. From September 1, 2019 to May 30, 2020. OFFICIAL TRAVEL INVOLVED The costs of travel, stay, transfers in the country and fees must be contained in the financial proposal submitted at the time of application. Outside of the contract, UNICEF will not cover any other expenses. The financial proposal should not include logistical expenses of the workshops or eu nions. SUPERVISION OF THE CONTRACT The consultant will be directly supervised by the Education Officer of the Dominican Republic. The technical responsibility of the products will be the Director of Special Education of MINERD. WAY TO PAY The professional fees of services this consultancy will be paid against the presentation of products and acceptance according to UNICEF according to the following scheme: First payment: 20% of the total, against agreed delivery of product 1 Second payment: 25% of the total, against agreed delivery of products 2 and 3 Third payment: 25% of the total, against agreed delivery of the product 4 Fourth payment: 30% of the total, against agreed delivery of product 5 INDICATORS OF PERFORMANCE The performance of the work will be evaluated based on the following indicators: Compliance with the times stipulated by UNICEF. Quality of work (accuracy, understanding, applicability and demonstration of high standards of work with UNICEF and the partners involved). UNICEF reserves the right to cancel the contract and / or retain all or a portion of the payment if the policies and regulations on confidentiality, ethics and processes of UNICEF and its partners are not obeyed, the performance is unsatisfactory or the work / deliverables are incomplete. , are not delivered or delivered past the established deadlines. REQUIRED PROFILE Companies or individuals that meet the following requirements and qualifications: Academic training: University degree in education or psychology. Specialization in education and inclusive care for the population with disabilities will be highly valued. Experience: Minimum of 5 years of experience in implementing inclusive educational programs for children and adolescents with disabilities. Experience in the design of educational policies and programs of inclusive education for children with disabilities. Experience in research on the educational attention of children and adolescents with disabilities. Knowledge of the educational system of the Dominican Republic. Desirable knowledge of cooperation and visibility policies of UNICEF or any other multilateral organization. Domain of computer packages: Microsoft Office, Internet and database. Skills and Abilities Good analytical skills, planning and organization. General ability to express ideas and concepts clearly and concisely orally and in writing. Proven ability to work as a team. Ability to work in an organized manner, be able to carry several projects at once, work under pressure and meet deadlines. Ability to work independently in a culturally diverse environment. Language skills Proficiency in Spanish (oral and written) Core values For each boy and girl he must demonstrate the fundamental values ??of UNICEF; Care, respect, integrity, reliability and responsibility. UNICEF Core Values EVALUATION CRITERIA Criteria points Technical evaluation : (academic training, professional experience, skills and references) 60 Financial Proposal: * Only the financial proposals of the proposals / applicants that pass the technical evaluation will be considered and evaluated. 40 Total 100 FORM OF APPLICATION For applications, interested persons should apply through the UNICEF job opportunities portal: https://www.unicef.org/about/employ/523923 Complete the online application of our portal (equivalent to the P-11 form) Annex1-Expression of Interest.docx Formular presentation of Expression of Interest according to the information indicated in this document. Note that, if your proposal includes ITBIS, it must be transparent. Resume that shows experience and studies carried out Copy of certificates obtained for this knowledge Economic proposal in Dominican pesos: the service tariff must include professional fees which must include travel and transportation expenses. Three (3) job references EOIs form and requested documents must be sent by job portal UNICEF before July 31, 2019 at 4:00 pm . Questions regarding this expression of interest will be received in the mail santodomingo@unicef.org and answered to all bidders 3 days before the closing of the call, that is, on July 26 before 4:00 pm. UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion in its workforce and encourages qualified candidates, men and women of all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including people living with disabilities to apply and be part of our organization. UNICEF has a policy of zero tolerance with respect to any conduct incompatible with the purposes and objectives of the United Nations, including sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of authority and discrimination. In addition, UNICEF adheres to strict principles for the safeguarding of children. All candidates and candidates selected will be subject to a rigorous process of background checks and references, and they are expected to adhere to those standards and principles. How to apply: UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become part of our organization. To apply, click on the following link http://www.unicef.org/about/employ/?job=523923 [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]

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