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International Consultancy - Strengthening Maternal and Child Health Care System

UNITED NATION CHILDREN`S FUND (UNICEF) has floated a tender for International Consultancy - Strengthening Maternal and Child Health Care System.The project location is Kyrgyzstan and the tender is closing on 29 Aug 2019. The tender notice number is , while the TOT Ref Number is 35432889. Bidders can have further information about the tender and can request the complete tender document by registering on the site.

Procurement Summary

Country : Kyrgyzstan

Summary : International Consultancy - Strengthening Maternal and Child Health Care System

Deadline : 29 Aug 2019

Purchaser's Detail

160, Chui Avenue , 720040 Bishkek, Telephone: +996 312 611 224 93A, Lenin Street, 723500 Osh, Telephone: +996 3222 50843
Email :bishkek@unicef.org, osh@unicef.org
URL :www.unicef.org

Other Information

TOT Ref No. : 35432889

Document Ref. No. :

Competition : ICB

Financier : United Nations Secretariat

Tender Details

Tenders are invited for International Consultancy - Strengthening Maternal and Child Health Care System Through Telemedicine (Open Globally). Purpose To strengthen the health system with a focus on the improvement of population coverage by universal health services through standardization of telemedicine services in Kyrgyzstan. Primary audience: Ministry of Health (MOH), UNICEF, health policymakers, research centres and universities, and development partners in Kyrgyzstan and abroad. The objective of the consultancy is to provide technical support to the MOH to conduct the situation analysis and mapping of the existing telemedicine projects with further facilitation of Telemedicine strategy development process. The given consultancy aims to achieve the following specific objectives: Assessment: Study the existing e-Health strategy, conduct assessments of the health system, including the contextual environment, health information system, challenges to service delivery; and map the existing Telemedicine solutions. Normative document and Telemedicine Strategy with the implementation plan. Provide support to MOH in producing a normative framework (Standard Operating Procedure - SOP) and Strategy for Telemedicine to address the identified gaps in delivering health services aligned with WHO digital health guidelines and Tool kit. The strategy will also include proposed Telemedicine solutions and their technical and operational requirements, validated implementation plan. Expected outcomes/Deliverables and Work Plan The main outcome is to provide the decision-makers and health managers with a Comprehensive Strategy with an implementation plan and normative document that encourage great accountability of health providers for the provision of the equitable health services to served population: Deliverables Estimated # of days Due date Payment percentage from full contract Deliverable N1 Inception report with detailed information on the process and methodology of the analysis of Telemedicine services, list of partners for interview and projects to visit is submitted, Plan with indicated milestones to develop Telemedicine Policy (normative document), strategy with implementation plan is submitted. Deliverables are based on a desk review of available documents, reports, communication with UNICEF staff and national stakeholders. 5 days on-line 24 September 2019 10% Deliverable N2 Country-level additional data and information for Assessment Report is collected based on a review of available documents, meeting with partners and stakeholders, visiting telemedicine projects, through the facilitation of joint review and updates with experts from the MOH group. Visit N1 10 days in the country with 1 day trip to Osh, 2 days trip to Naryn Country visit by 12 October 2019 Completion of this on-line deliverable by 9 November 2019 35% Outline of the normative document and the Telemedicine Strategy with implementation plan is prepared jointly with a working group First draft of the Assessment Report with detailed mapping of existing Telemedicine solutions, the status of operations, challenges for operations, ownership, and bottleneck analysis, outlining the stakeholder mapping and engagement processes, and description of the in-country partnerships is sent to partners for review and comments. 7 days on-line work First draft of the SOP and Telemedicine strategy with the implementation plan is sent to partners for review Deliverable N3 Visit N2 4 days in the country By 1 December 2019 35% a) the first draft of the Assessment report is presented to partners to receive recommendations for finalization b) The second drafts of the Policy (Normative document) and Telemedicine strategy with implementation plan are developed in agreement with partners. c) Assessment report is finalized with addressing of the recommendations and submitted to UNICEF and MOH as a final product 1 day on-line By 10 December 2019 d) The third draft of the Policy and Strategy with the implementation plan are submitted to UNICEF and MOH 5 days on-line Deliverable N4 Visit N3 3 days in country By 10 February, 2020 20% the third draft of the Policy, Telemedicine strategy with the implementation plan is presented to MOH to receive final recommendations. b) The final documents (Policy, Telemedicine strategy with the implementation plan) are submitted 2 days on-line By 25 February 2020 TOTAL 3 visits 20 days online 17 days in the country In Total - 37 working days Payment Terms Consultancy fee to be determined at a daily rate based on the financial proposal of the interested applicants. The payment will be processed in four instalments: 1st instalment of 10% of the consultancy fee is to be paid upon provision of the Deliverables 1. 2nd instalment of 35% of the consultancy fee is to be paid upon provision of the Deliverables 2. 3nd instalment of 35% of the consultancy fee is to be paid upon provision of the Deliverables 3. 4nd instalment of 20% of the consultancy fee is to be paid upon provision of the Deliverables 4. Lump sum for travel costs (one day to Osh and 2 days to Naryn) will be included to the contract in the amount that is proposed by the applicant/s in his/her/their financial proposal (with the breakdown of costs) and accepted by UNICEF based on the acceptable subsistence allowance (DSA) and economy travel rates. UNICEF will provide the consultancy fee, mutually agreed upon daily rate for the duration of the contract. In all cases, Contractors/vendors may only be paid their fees upon satisfactory completion of services. In such cases where payment of fees is to be made in a lump sum, this may only be payable upon completion of the services to UNICEF`s satisfaction and certification to that effect, and any advance on the lump sum may not exceed 30% of the fees. In such cases where payment of fees is to be made in installments, the final installment may not be less than ten per cent (10%) of the total value of the contract and will only be payable upon completion of the services to UNICEF`s satisfaction and certification to that effect. Duration The given consultancy is to be carried out from September 2019 to March 2020. Reporting and Supervision Day to day supervision will be performed by the Health Specialist and overall guidance and direction by Child Survival and Development Section Chief in UNICEF Kyrgyzstan in close collaboration with the designated officials of the MOH. Selection/Qualification Criteria: This consultancy is open to individual consultants and needs to follow the submission guidelines as stipulated for submissions from individual consultants. Education An advanced degree in Engineering, IT systems or a related field are preferable; Public Health, Management, International Development can be accepted in the case of demonstrated experience in strategic planning and implementation of Telemedicine services in other countries. Key competences, technical background, and experience required: At least 5 years of professional experience in the e-Health field - especially on the deployment of information systems and e-Health solutions, such as decision support and development of telemedicine services in health sector; At least 3 years experience with project management and proven ability to translate complex ideas from various areas into unified, particularly in the development of the telemedicine services on a country level; Knowledge and experience with DHIS2, OpenMRS, iHRIS, OpenHIE, MoTECH, CommCare, etc, is an asset. Languages: Fluency in English is required, speaking Russian is an advantage. Duty station and official travel involved This consultancy is expected to be delivered through on-line work and 3 visits to Kyrgyzstan. For the required travel to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, travel cost is to be included as a separate line in the financial proposal as well as one day travel to Osh city and 2 days travel to Naryn city within the estimated total number of days. Consultant is responsible for his/her own travel arrangements set out in the contract and must ensure they are made in line with UNICEF policy on entitlements for consultant travel, i.e. estimated daily subsistence allowance (DSA) and must be on UNICEF approved airlines based on economy class travel, regardless of the length of travel. DSA for official international travels shall not exceed the daily rates established for specific country regions as promulgated by the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC). Consultants traveling on behalf of UNICEF must meet the standard trip prerequisites, including but not limited to Medical Clearance, Security Clearance, Visa and completion of BSAFE security training. Consultants are responsible for assuming costs for obtaining visas, medical insurance for the duration of the contract and other trip prerequisites. Performance indicators Technical and professional competence (will be measured by the quality of work, as well as feedback from partner organizations); Quality of work (timely submission of the final product to UNICEF) Quantity of work (completing the assignments as indicated in the work plan above) Also, such indicators as work relations, team work, responsibility and communication will be considered during the evaluation of the consultants work. How to apply: UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization. To apply, click on the following link http://www.unicef.org/about/employ/?job=525530

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