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Contract notice: Survey conduction services

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Tender Details

  • France
  • Contract notice: Survey conduction services
  • 20th Dec 2019

Other Information

  • 38754347
  • 582414-2019
  • ICB
  • Self Financed
    Office Name: La Poste
    Address: 9 rue du Colonel Pierre Avia
    Town: Paris
    Postal Code: 75015

    Phone: +33 643330266

    Email :delphine.labbaye@laposte.fr
    URL :https://e-sourcing.extra.laposte.fr

Key Values

  • Object of the contract
    Survey conduction services

    Description: Contract notice: Survey conduction services

    Authority Type: Utilities entity
    Contact Nature: Services
    Procedure: Negotiated procedure
    Document: Contract notice
    Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
    Award criteria: The most economic tender
    CPV code: 79311200,79311200
    CPV Description: Survey conduction services.
    Verifications in points of sale on the quality of the traffic of the departments by questionnaires and taken of photographs in Metropolitan France and DOM
    The group La Poste seeks the competences of a specialist of the visits Store Check in point of sale retail to verify the quality of the traffic on the shelves: composition of the gondolas, presenceof products, absence of specimen, general impression of respect of the standards of the large distribution, display of tariffs, external signetique, cleanliness and tidying up, the respect of the planograms ... The verifications will be done by questionnaires and taken of photographs. will be carried out in:
    - post offices: target 2300 max, 3 to 5 campaigns per year,
    - La Poste partners (smalltraders, supermarkets, tobacconists, communal agencies). Target: 900 max. 2 campaigns per year,
    - mail establishments. Target: 60 max. 3 to 5 campaigns a year.
    The service provider will have to schedule the visits, organize them, control them, control them and communicate the results by email and via a web application.
    Verifications will have to be carried out by people identifiees, chosen and piloted by the service provider and postal workers appointed by La Poste, in parallel, for self-checks.
    The candidate will submit, on the platform Provigis (https://www.provigis.com/), the documents indicated below:
    1) an excerpt K-bis or equivalence;
    2) if it is in receivership, the copy of the judgment (s) pronounced;
    3) a declaration duly date and signe on paper headed by the supplier, to justify that it does not enter in any of the cases mentioned in article L. 2141-1 and in 1 and 3 of article L. 2141-4 of the code of the public order;
    4) the certificates issued by the administrations and competent bodies attesting that the candidate is not in a case of prohibition of tender mentioned in Article L. 2141-2 of the Code of thepublic order, that is to say:
    - a certificate of vigilance issued by the URSSAF,
    - a tax certificate justifying the regularity of its tax situation (payment of VAT, tax on companies or income tax),
    - a certificate attesting to the regularity of his situation with regard to the employment obligation of disabled workers;
    5) where applicable, the list nominaof the foreign employees employed by the candidate and subject to the work authorization mentioned in Article L. 5221-2 of the Labor Code, specifying for each employee, in accordance with Article D. 8254-2 of the Labor Code, his date of employment. his nationality, as well as the type and number of the title of the work permit. Candidates established abroad provide the piecare provided for in Articles D. 8222-7 and D. 8254-3 of the Labor Code;
    6) where applicable, the documents provided for in Article R. 1263-12 of the Labor Code in case of detachment of employees.
    Financial sustainability (30%), financial health, solvency and profitability of the candidate. The candidate must provide La Poste with the tax packages (also called CERFA bundles) or equivalent documents (ie bilans, profit and loss accounts, schedules numbered from 2050 to 2059 inclusive and management reports) for the last 3 financial years. In the event of a recent creation, the applicant may provide any other proof that demonstrates its economic and financial capacity.
    The documents requested under section III.1.1) must be submitted on the Provigis platform (https: // www. provigis.com/).The request forParticipation with the information and documents requested in sections III.1 (2) and III.1 (3) (on an information questionnaire or in free format) must be submitted on the supplier portal (https://e-sourcing.extra.laposte.fr /web/login.html).All documents requested in sections III.1.1 to III.1.3 must be submitted by the date and time specified in section IV.2.2).
    The candidate wishing to answer via the DUME will give it in pdf format and in xml format in a ZIP.
    If the candidate relies on the capacities of other economic operators (economic / financial or technical / professional), he must: - justify the capabilities of this or these operators and
    - provide evidence that it will have for the performance of the market.
    This evidence can be brought pby any appropriate means, including a certificate on the honor of the other economic operator confirming its capabilities and their availability to the candidate during the execution of the market.
    In accordance with the provisions of Articles R. 2143-13 of the code of the order applicant is not required to provide the documents and information requested in this notice that may bebe obtained via an electronic system of provision of information administered by an official body or a digital storage space accessible free of charge by La Poste and its subsidiaries.
    In this case, the candidate will specify in the answer file all information necessary for the consultation of this system or this space.

    Internet address (URL): https://e-sourcing.extra.laposte.fr

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