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Contract notice: Statistical services

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Tender Details

  • Germany
  • Contract notice: Statistical services
  • 18th Oct 2019

Other Information

  • 36508622
  • 443325-2019
  • ICB
  • Self Financed
    Office Name: Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr AöR
    Address: Augustastr. 1
    Town: Gelsenkirchen
    Postal Code: 45879
    Contact Point: Zentrale Vergabestelle

    Email :zvs@vrr.de
    URL :www.vrr.de

Key Values

  • Object of the contract
    Statistical services

    Description: Contract notice: Statistical services

    Authority Type: Body governed by public law
    Contact Nature: Services
    Procedure: Open procedure
    Document: Contract notice
    Regulation: European Union
    Award criteria: The most economic tender
    CPV code: 79330000,72312100,72314000,72316000,79330000,72312100,72314000,72316000
    CPV Description: Statistical services.
    Data preparation services.
    Data collection and collation services.
    Data analysis services.
    Organization / extrapolation VRR EA surveys 2020 to 2022
    Reference Number: BV19280
    Organization of surveys, extrapolation and processing of survey data on the surveys 2020/2021 and 2022 on revenue sharing in the VRR.
    With this tender VRR AoeR is looking for an "OrgThe tasks of the contractor include:
    - preparation of timetable data,
    - monitoring of the claim in the claim procedure, - - extrapolation, assessment and processing of the survey data in the claim procedure,
    - Preparation of analytical data and
    - advice to the VRR on questions of the surveyand the distribution of revenue.
    - Declaration that there are no grounds for exclusion within the meaning of -- 123, 124 GWB or successful self-cleaning measures within the meaning of - 125 GWB have been carried out.
    - Declaration that no misconduct within the meaning of - 5 Anti-Corruption Law (KorruptionsbAf ) - statement that the company is not in bankruptcy proceedings or in Liquidation and there are no circumstances which could jeopardize its reliability.
    - statement that the company has fulfilled its obligations to pay social security contributions and taxes.
    - declare that there is adequate professional indemnity insurance. The minimum cover amounts for personal injury and property damage are 500 000 EUR, forProperty damage 100 000 EUR. The bidder assures that at the time of execution of the contract there is sufficient coverage or, in the case of placing an order, a corresponding professional indemnity insurance is taken out (please do not submit any policies here, but only submit the declaration).
    - Explain the turnover of the company with benefits all following topics im revenue distribution in the last 3 business years: Surveys (SPNV or OeSPV source / destination surveys) and revenue-sharing accounts for SPNV or OeSPV source-destination surveys (Assessment and extrapolation, data processing, analysis of survey data)
    Announcement ID: CXPSYDCYQ28

    Internet address (URL): www.vrr.de

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