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Contract notice: Repair and maintenance services of electrical building installat

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Tender Details

  • Bulgaria
  • Contract notice: Repair and maintenance services of electrical building installations
  • 19th Aug 2019

Other Information

  • 34631307
  • 328277-2019
  • ICB
  • Self Financed
  • „??? ????????????? ????????“ ??
    Office Name: „??? ????????????? ????????“ ??
    Address: ???. „??????????? ????“ ? 159, ???????? ?????? ??????
    Town: Sofia
    Postal Code: 1784
    Contact Point: ???????? ??????

    Phone: +359 28958909
    Fax: +359 28272171/ +359 28270332
    Email :svetla.ilieva@cez.bg
    URL :www.cez-rp.bg

Key Values

  • Object of the contract
    Repair and maintenance services of electrical building installations

    Description: Contract notice: Repair and maintenance services of electrical building installations

    Authority Type: Utilities entity
    Contact Nature: Services
    Procedure: Open procedure
    Document: Contract notice
    Regulation: European Union
    Award criteria: Lowest price
    CPV code: 50711000,50711000,50711000
    CPV Description: "Partial provision of the process of removing the data from commercial metering devices, finding and marking of technical faults and their introduction into portable terminals"
    Reference Number: Ref. No. PPS 19 -068
    "Partial provision of the process of capturing data from commercial meansmeasurement of electrical energy, detection and marking of technical defects and their introduction into portable terminals ", ref. PPS 19-068 The performed work represents monthly reporting of the assigned electrometers according to separate territorial regions of the territory serviced by CEZ Distribution Bulgaria AD , inspection for the presence of failures and irregularities on the measuring group(electrometer, tariff switch, measuring transformers, board). The number of meters to be reported is approximate and the exact number will be loaded at the manual terminals.
    Main Site: The Territory of the Blagoevgrad and Sofia regions
    Partial provision of the process of data capture from commercial metering devices , finding and repliestechnical failures and their introduction into portable terminals. The unit price is counted and the unit price is measured. The number of meters depends on the newly added or discontinued electrometers, as well as the number of electrometers counted remotely, the date of loading the terminals and the requirements of the assignor.and the separate positions that can be assigned to the same contractor up to 2 (two) separate lots. Pursuant to Art. 46, para. 4 and para. 5 of the Public Procurement Act, these circumstances are also stated in the announcement for the opening of the public procurement.
    In case a participant participates in more than one lot, he / she submits them in his / her bid in priority and should provide proof that he /The Participant shall submit a list of priorities of the individual lots by prioritizing all the lots for which he / she has submitted a tender.
    If the Participant does not list one of the lots, the tenderer who has submitted the tender will be removed from the participation for the relevant position not specified inIf it is found that a participant does not meet the minimum requirements for more than 1 distinct position for which he participates, he / she will be admitted to further participation only for that particular lot for which he / she meets the selection requirements, taking into account with the bid specified by the bid.
    In the event that the participant has the lowest price in relation to the other participants for a greater than one(more than 2), it is ranked according to the following criteria and rules:
    1. First Criterion: Qualifies for a Lot where the sole Participant is the final rating,
    2. Second criterion: according to the priority given in his offer.
    For the remaining lots (after the second one for which he / she is rated), the participant is not allowed to standthat the price offered by him / her may be the lowest compared to that offered by the other participants. 231, para. 5 of the Public Procurement Act (in force from 1.3.2019), for not applying the approved standardized PPA model templates:
    The Contracting Authority does not apply the standardized service contract template for the following reasons and reasons: - reflects the specifics of the service is subject to an ordernamely the reporting of JTIs and associated work with portable terminals, as well as the specific responsibility for non-performance of these activities, given that the contracting authority itself has an increased administrative and material responsibility if it fails to meet its qualifying and timely basic license an obligation under the Energy Act, - this contract is typified and the service subject to the contract is complexand complex and can not be fully regulated by the standardized model available, - because of the requirements of the GDPR regulation in force on 25 May 2018, which impose extremely heavy personal liability in respect of personal data, and this activity is directly related to the use of personal data for clients, which requires serious regulation and assignment of liability under the Regulation to a contractorand, in fact, such a regulation is actually lacking in the standardized service contract.
    The validity of the offers is 182 calendar days and begins to run from the date set for the deadline for receipt of tenders.
    Internet address (URL): www.cez-rp.bg

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