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Contract notice: Probation services

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Tender Details

  • France
  • Contract notice: Probation services
  • 16th Sep 2019

Other Information

  • 35574832
  • 388270-2019
  • ICB
  • Self Financed
    Office Name: OPH Plaine Commune Habitat
    Address: 5 bis rue Danièle Casanova
    Town: Saint-Denis
    Postal Code: 93200

    Phone: +33 148136100

    Email :directioncommandepubliqueetjuridique@plainecommunehabitat.fr
    URL :http://www.oph-plainecommunehabitat.fr

Key Values

  • Object of the contract
    Probation services

    Description: Contract notice: Probation services

    Authority Type: Body governed by public law
    Contact Nature: Services
    Procedure: Open procedure
    Document: Contract notice
    Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
    Award criteria: The most economic tender
    CPV code: 75231240,75231240,90900000,75231240,90900000
    CPV Description: Probation services.
    Cleaning and sanitation services.
    Framework Agreement for Integration Services
    Reference Number: 19INSERDEBARNET
    This framework agreement covers facilities for insertion through economic activity, as defined in Article L. 2113 -13 of the code of the public order, has for object:
    Main Site: Heritage located on the cities of Pierrefitte, Villetaneuse, Epinay-sur-Seine.
    Lot n1 is aimed at the integration by means of the realization of services of unloading of the premises, common parts, external spaces or vacant houses managed by the North agency. Lot 1 is split up, it is a framework agreement with purchase orders. As permitted by the provisions of Article R. 2162-4 of the Public Order Code, this Framework Agreement is concluded without myboth minimum and maximum. However, for information, the annual forecast amount of the orders would be 30 000 EUR (HT). This amount is purely indicative, and in no case does OPH Plaine Commune Habitat undertake to place annual orders up to this amount. The prices applicable are those of the lot specific BPU 1. Lot 1 of this framework agreement takes effect from 1.1.2020on 31.12.2020.
    It may be extended, by tacit renewal, in annual periods, but not longer than four years, ie until 31.12.2023. Pursuant to Article L. 2113-13 of the French Public Procurement Code, this framework agreement is reserved for the economic insertion structures referred to in Article L. 5132-4 of the Labor Code and has equivalent structures,when they employ a minimum proportion, fixed by regulation, of disadvantaged workers.
    Application of articles R. 2142-1 and following of the code of the public order.
    - DUME or forms DC1 and DC2,
    - letter of application and of the representative by his co-contractors (the documents DC1 and DC2 to be completed are available on the Internet site of the Ministrynances (www.colloc.bercy.gouv.fr/formulaires/),- copy of the declaration of the activity to the public prosecutor or equivalent procedure for the candidates not residing in France, copy of the judgments pronounced if the company is in receivership.
    1) The criteria taken into account for the nomination of candidatures are the following:
    - economic and financial capacitiesthe applicant,
    - the technical and professional abilities of the candidate;
    2) Award criteria lot 1: - criterion 1 - measures for vocational integration, 40 points, - criterion 2 - the technical merit, weighted at 20 points,
    - criterion 3 - price, weighted at 40 points;
    3) Award criteria lot 2:
    - criterion 1 - measures in favor of vocational integration, weighted at 30 points,
    - criterion 2 - the organizational measures, weighted at 30 points,
    - criterion 3 - the price, weighted at 40 points;
    4) Terms of withdrawal: consultation files can be downloaded for free on our platform of dematerialisation: www. maximilien.fr
    5) Methods of submission of tenders: tenders will be delivered electronically, at the following address: www.maximilien.fr

    Internet address (URL): http://www.oph-plainecommunehabitat.fr

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