France government tender for Contract notice: Motorway construction works

France government tenders for Contract notice: Motorway construction works. Ref No: 15057472, Deadline: 2nd Oct 2017.

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Country : France
Summary :

Contract notice: Motorway construction works

TOT Ref No : 15057472
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 282523-2017
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Purchaser : SOCIÉTÉ SAPN
Office Name: Société SAPN
Address: 30 bd Gallieni Le Crossing
Town: Issy-les-Moulineaux
Postal Code: 92130

Tender Details :

Object of the contract
Motorway construction works

Description: Contract notice: Motorway construction works

Authority Type: Other
Contact Nature: Works
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 45233110,45112500,45232410,45223000,45233210,45233110,45112500,45232410,45223000,45233210
CPV Description: Motorway construction works.
Earthmoving work.
Structural construction work.
Surface work for highways.
Highway A13 - section Bridge l'Eveque Dozule - Enlargement to 2X3 lanes of the current section
Enlargement of the A13 motorway on 21,7 km including: earthworks, drainage, roads.
NUTS Code: FR251
Enlargement of the motorway A13 on 21,7 km including no
- demolition and rebuilding of the existing RD16 overpass,
- upgrading of the section with the creation of a network And the creation of 6 treatment ponds before discharge into existing watercourses and the creation of 2 buffer basinsIn order to regulate the longitudinal rehabilitation,
- creation of 2 acoustic screens at the extremities of the section,
- widening of the VIPP on the Touques,
- provision and installation of the retaining devices,

The administrative file:
- letter of application and authorization of the representative by his co-contractors mentioning the names, names and addresses of each competitor and the names, surnames and qualifications of the persons entitled to represent each undertaking , - a declaration of honor duly dated and signed by the competitor to justify:-In any of the mandatory prohibition of bids provided for in Articles 45 and 48 of Ordinance No. 2015-899 of 23.7.2015, - that it is in compliance with Articles L. 5212-1 to L 5212-11 of the Labor Code concerning the employment of handicapped workers
Economic and financial file: - Declaration of global and specific business figures relating to similar services
A minimum of 2 references of less than 5 years of work in the field of road extension and / Or underground mining.
Minimum 1 reference of less than 5 years of works of verification of structures with LAO system (Lifting Assist by Computer).
These refeWill be supported by certificates of good execution for the most important works. These certificates indicate the amount (overall and own), the time and place of execution of the work and indicate whether they have been carried out according to the rules of the art and carried out regularly. Of the competitor and the size of the managerial staff for the last 3 years. At thisThe candidate must indicate the relevant professional names and qualifications of the natural persons who will be responsible for the execution of the contract. Declaration of equipment, equipment and technical equipment available to the competitor for the performance of the contract. Realization of marches of the same kind.
Certificates of professional qualifications.
FNTP qualificationsThe following qualifications or equivalents are required: - - 211/221/2311/2341/311/3711 / 3721/3731/3732/374 / 516.
The requested information may be provided in documents DC1 and DC2, which can be downloaded from:
Note: where applicable to justify the professional, technical and financial capacities of one or more subcontractors, the competitor will provide the documents mentioned above for each subcontractor and the declaration of Subcontracting.
The market consists of a Firm Tranche and an Optional Tranche 1, defined as follows:
Firm Tranche:
Mineralization of the TPC,
Demolition and reconstruction of the existing RD16 overpass,
Upgrading the sanitation of the section with the creation of a longitudinal sewerage network and the creation Of 6 treatment ponds before discharge into existing watercourses and the creation of 2 buffer basins to control the assa
Creation of 2 acoustic shields at the extremities of the section
Enlargement of the VIPP on the Touques
Provision and installation of restraining devices
Running boards in the running section,
Provisional safety equipment
Horizontal and vertical signaling.
Optional section 1:
Reconditioning of 5 overpass structures (PS)
The optional tranche will be established within six (6) months from the beginning of the execution of the firm tranche.
The reinforcement will be done by a decision of the owner notified to the owner By registered letter.
There are no compensation for suspense and loss.
Competitors must submit a basic offer. They may alsoAn offer containing variants, at the initiative of the companies, solely in relation to the specifications mentioned in Article 3-4 of the ROC.
Competitors must make a visit
Competitors are not allowed to transmit their fold By electronic means.
Internet address (URL):
Directive: Classical Directive (2014/24/EU)

Deadline : 2nd Oct 2017
Documents : Download

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