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Contract notice: Meter reading service

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Tender Details

  • Poland
  • Contract notice: Meter reading service
  • 20th Aug 2019

Other Information

  • 34631317
  • 328287-2019
  • ICB
  • Self Financed
    Office Name: Energa-Operator S.A. z siedzib? w Gda?sku, Oddzia? w Toruniu
    Address: ul. Gen Bema 128
    Town: Toru?
    Postal Code: 87-100
    Contact Point: Monika Nowicka

    Phone: +48 564706150

    Email :monika.nowicka@energa.pl
    URL :https://zakupy.energa-operator.pl

Key Values

  • Object of the contract
    Meter reading service

    Description: Contract notice: Meter reading service

    Authority Type: Utilities entity
    Contact Nature: Services
    Procedure: Open procedure
    Document: Contract notice
    Regulation: European Union
    Award criteria: Lowest price
    CPV code: 65500000,65500000,71314100,51112100,65320000,65500000,71314100,51112100,65320000
    CPV Description: Meter reading service.
    Electrical services.
    Installation services of electricity distributors at the Toruń Branch.
    Reference Number: P / 9/0070/2019
    Execution of technical customer service at in the Rejonowy Dystrybucji Rypin Energa-Operator SA Toruń Branch.
    The subject of the order is inperforming customer service technical support at Energa-Operator SA Branch in Toruń Distribution Area Rypin
    The ordering party does not put a condition in the above-mentioned in scope.
    The ordering party does not set a condition in the above-mentioned range. A
    . 1. The Contractor is obliged to sign the following documents with a qualified electronic signature, and then attach the already signed documents on the Purchase Platform:
    1.1 valid atthe day of the offer submission statement, constituting preliminary confirmation that the Contractor is not subject to exclusion and meets the conditions for participation in the proceedings - 1.2 Ośw. EAT:
    1.2.1 regarding entities, on the capacities of which the Contractor will rely,
    1.2.2 all Contractors jointly applying for the award of the order,
    1.3 Bidding form,
    1.4 Price form,
    1.5 power of attorney to signoffers or other declarations (if applicable),
    1.6 third party obligation (if applicable),
    1.7 documents showing that the reserved information constitutes business secrets (if applicable),
    1.8 original warranty / surety, if the Contractor provides a bid security in a form other than cash (if applicable).
    2. Contractor within 3 days from the date of posting on the websiteinformation on the opening of offers, referred to in art. 86 par. 5 of the Public Procurement Law, is obliged to provide the Employer in an electronic form with a secure qualified signature, a declaration of belonging or non-affiliation to the same capital group. 3. The ordering party, prior to the order being awarded, will call the Contractor whose offer has been the highest rated, to submit inappointed, not shorter than 10 days, date, valid as at the date of submission, the following declarations or documents confirming: - 3.1 meeting conditions for participation in the proceedings, - 3.2 there are no grounds for exclusion.
    4. In order to confirm compliance by the Contractor with the conditions of participation in the proceedings, the Contractor requested shall submit the following documents:
    4.1. list of services, along with givenem of their value, subject, dates of completion and entities for which services were performed and the inclusion of evidence determining whether these services were performed or are performed properly, while the evidence referred to are references or other documents issued by the entity for the benefit of whose services were performed, and in the case of periodic or continuous services are performed, and themif the Contractor is justified for objective reasons, the Contractor is unable to obtain these documents - the Contractor`s statement,
    4.2. list of persons referred by the Contractor to perform the orders, in particular those responsible for providing services, quality control, along with information on their professional qualifications, qualifications, experience and education necessary to performa public order, as well as the scope of activities performed by them and information about the basis for disposing of these persons;
    4.3. tolerated aspect. on the subject of the Contractor`s professional education and qualifications;
    4.4. documents stating that persons listed in the list of persons referred to in point 4.2 have the required qualifications; In order to confirm the lack of grounds for excluding the Contractor from participationin the proceedings, the Contractor requested shall submit the following documents:
    5.1. information from the National Criminal Register,
    5.2. an excerpt from the relevant register or from the Central Register and Information on Corporate Activity;
    5.3. certificate of the competent head of the tax office;
    5.4. certification of the relevant ZUS organizational unit or KRUS,
    5.5. Contractor`s statements about independentanalysis of local taxes and fees;
    6.6. documents regarding the third party (if applicable).
    C. The Procurer will exclude the Contractor from the proceedings for granting the order, in relation to which any of the circumstances referred to in art. 24 sec. 1 point 12, point 13 lit. a, b and c, point 14 (excluding the case where the person referred to in this provision was skfor a crime listed in Article 24 sec. 1 point 13 lit. d) and point 15 of the 23 PPL Act. In addition, the Employer will exclude the Contractor, if the premises specified in art. 24 sec. 5 points 1 and 8 of the Public Procurement Law Act
    Specific provisions in the SIWZ.

    Internet address (URL): https://zakupy.energa-operator.pl

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