France government tender for Contract notice: Internet services

France government tenders for Contract notice: Internet services. Ref No: 15070806, Deadline: 6th Oct 2017.

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Country : France
Summary :

Contract notice: Internet services

TOT Ref No : 15070806
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 283581-2017
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Conseil départemental de la Savoie
Address: Hôtel du Département, CS 31802
Town: Chambéry
Postal Code: 73018

Tender Details :

Object of the contract
Internet services

Description: Contract notice: Internet services

Authority Type: Regional or local authority
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 72400000,72413000,72400000,72413000,72212221
CPV Description:
Internet browsing software development services.
Evolution of the information and institutional communication system of the department of Savoie and associated sites.
The department of Savoie wants to rethink Its institutional communication by integrating a new platform. In this respect, it is not only a question ofA charter editorial, ie how to manage the information and communication contents diffuse on this platform, and to take into account the ergonomic and graphical implications of this evolution, but also to change web application management application ( CMS), the current being obsolete. In an effort to homogenize applications, skills and practicesS, the department wishes to use the same CMS for the intranet and for the management of its websites, ie Jalios. Market form: has purchase orders without minimum or maximum. Award of a framework agreement for each lot. Estimated amount of benefits for the duration of the framework agreement: EUR 300 000.
NUTS Code: FR717
Proposal related to the evolution of the way content is managed-Information and communication of the new ergonomic and graphical principles of the Department's websites.
The powers of the person empowered to hire the candidate (Dc2 or free format) .; Copy of the judgment (s) pronounced, if the candidate is in receivership; Declaration on the honor to justify that the candidate does not enter into any of the cases of prohibition ofst; Letter of application and authorization of the representative by his co-contractors (Dc1 or equivalent document).
Declaration concerning the total turnover and the turnover relating to the services covered by the contract, carried out during the last 3 financial years
The application can be submitted either in the form of forms Dc1 and Dc2 (available free of charge on theE site, or in the form of a Single Document of the European Market (Dume). The contracting authority shall require the transmission of the folds by electronic means. Therefore, paper transmission is not permitted. The transmission of documents electronically is carried out on the buyer profile. On the other hand, the transmission of documents on a physical medium(CD-ROM, USB key ...) is not allowed. The choice of transmission mode is global and irreversible. Candidates must apply the same method of transmission to all documents sent to the contracting authority. Each transmission will be subject to a certain date of receipt and an electronic acknowledgment of receipt. As such, the reference time zone is(Gmt 01:00) Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid. The fold will be considered if the download ends after the scheduled date and time. If a new fold is sent electronically by the same candidate, this one cancels and replaces the previous fold. The fold may be duplicated by a backup copy transmitted within the time allowed, on electronic physical medium or onpaper support. This copy shall be transmitted in sealed envelopes and must include the name, the name of the candidate and the identification of the procedure concerned. No electronic format is recommended for the transmission of documents. However, files will have to be transmitted in widely available formats. Each piece for which a signature is required mustE the subject of an individual electronic signature conforming to the format Xades, Cades or Pades. The only electronic signature of the fold does not imply any commitment value of the candidate. The level of security required for the electronic signature certificate is the level (**) of the RGS. The electronic formats in which the documents may be transmitted are as follows: After allotment,Offer will be transformed into a paper offer to give rise to the handwritten signature of the framework agreement by the parties. The costs of access to the network and the use of the electronic signature shall be borne by the candidates. Samples or models required: In response to the argument, bidders are required to deliver two models: An ergonomic layout of the pageCcueil, A graphic mock-up of a page of content declined in three numerical versions (telephone, tablet, Pc). A flat-rate allowance of EUR 500 including all taxes will be paid to each candidate who has not been retained once he has produced the two models requested. . The candidate who submitted the applications will receive a bonus of EUR 500. However, in the eventIts tender is incomplete or does not meet the specifications, a reduction or cancellation of the premium may be made by the contracting authority. Number of consultation: 17si010.

Internet address (URL):
Directive: Classical Directive (2014/24/EU)

Deadline : 6th Oct 2017
Documents : Download

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