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Contract notice: Food, beverages, tobacco and related products

BORSOD-ABAÚJ-ZEMPLÉN MEGYEI BÜNTETÉS-VÉGREHAJTÁSI INTÉZET has floated a tender for Contract notice: Food, beverages, tobacco and related products.The project location is Hungary and the tender is closing on 17 Jun 2020. The tender notice number is 236815-2020, while the TOT Ref Number is 43043705. Bidders can have further information about the tender and can request the complete tender document by registering on the site.

Procurement Summary

Country : Hungary

Summary : Contract notice: Food, beverages, tobacco and related products

Deadline : 17 Jun 2020

Purchaser's Detail

Office Name: Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén Megyei Büntetés-végrehajtási Intézet
Address: Fazekas utca 4.
Town: Miskolc
Postal Code: 3525
Contact Point: Verebéli Erzsébet

Phone: +36 13018212
Fax: +36 13018212
Email :bvop.kpf@bv.gov.hu
URL :http://www.bvop.hu

Other Information

TOT Ref No. : 43043705

Document Ref. No. : 236815-2020

Competition : ICB

Financier : Self Financed

Tender Details

Object of the contract
Food, beverages, tobacco and related products

Description: Contract notice: Food, beverages, tobacco and related products

Authority Type: Ministry or any other national or federal authority
Contact Nature: Supplies
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: Lowest price
CPV code: 15000000,15800000,15000000,15800000,15300000,03142500,15100000,15896000,15810000,15500000
CPV Description: Food, beverages, tobacco and related products.
Miscellaneous food products.
Fruit, vegetables and related products.
Animal products, meat and meat products.
Deep-frozen products.
Bread products, fresh pastry goods and cakes.
Dairy products.
Procurement of food by BAZ M. Bv.
Reference Number: EKR000350332020
Procurement of food products for the Buentetes Implementation Institute of Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen County within the framework of a data transmission framework contract, for 24 months, in 6as follows: Lot 1: Procurement of miscellaneous food Lot 2: Procurement of food, fruit, eggs Lot 3: Procurement of meat products Lot 4: Procurement of frozen (mirelite) Lot 5: Procurement of bakery Lot 6: Procurement of milk and dairy products.
Main Site: 3525 Miskolc, Fazekas utca 4.
Purchase of mixed food for 24 months up to a net budget of HUF 200,000,000, as follows: Quantity: 103 lots, 751,632 pcs, 40,082 kg, 100 packages, 4,620 l ME. The bid rate is 70% of the budget
Frequency of delivery: the order is delivered continuously (2-7 times a week) according to the delivery of the order. The detailed product list and specifications can be found in the Supplementary Procurement Documents (KKD). The net bids offered must include all the costs incurred up to the time of delivery of the products at the place of performance, on which the contractor will be required to pay further fees.Half of the bidder cannot count. The settlement shall be based on the surpluses and quantities actually ordered / received under the contractor`s power, on the basis of the units specified by the winning bidder, up to the amount specified for that part.
The tenderer shall be provided with a manufacturing sheet for the products offered, ora description must be attached, from which it can be established whether the products meet the prescribed parameters.
In the procedure, there must be no tenderer, subcontractor, and no economic operator who complies with the Kbt. Under the power of exclusionary grounds specified in Section 62 (1) - (2) all. Bidder refers to the Kbt. Section 63 (3). Oentisztazas: Bid force refers to Kbt. § 64 (1) - (2). Preliminary certification: A 321/2015. (X. 30.) Government Decree (hereinafter: Korm. II. Section 62 (1) and (2) shall apply. In the case of a Koezoes Tender, the Koezoes Tenderers willEating organizations must also submit a EEKD. The Tenderer will provide the Tenderers with a model of the Single European Procurement Document for the procedure in electronic form (in the form of an EQF form). Certificate from Kbt. Pursuant to Section 69, Paragraphs (4) - (8): Under the Offering Act, the Kbt. Pursuant to Section 69, Paragraphs (4) - (8), the economic operator invited to submit certificates regarding the grounds for exclusion 8, 10 and 12-16. § must prove that it does not belong tothe power of kizaro causes prescribed in jaras. A Korm. R. Pursuant to Section 1 (5), in the case of an economic operator not established in HUNGARY, the tenderer shall certify the authenticity of the certificates. VI. With regard to the grounds for exclusion and the eligibility requirements, the certificates issued before the start of the procurement may also be submitted (used) as long as the content of the facts and data contained in the certificates is true. The bid force is the opposite bUntil proven, the authenticity of the data shall be subject to a declaration by the applicant. A Kbt. Pursuant to Section 67 (4), the tenderer`s declaration that it does not take into account the Contractor`s performance in accordance with Art. Subcontractor subject to the grounds of exclusion pursuant to Section 62 (1) - (2). (According to the EDF form) The Kbt. Pursuant to Section 74 (1) (b), the tenderer shall exclude from the procedure the tenderer, subcontractor or certificate of suitabilitythe participating organization for which the exclusion was made during the procedure. Bid power refers to the Government. Section 18 (1). A Korm. R. In the case of a pending registration procedure pursuant to Section 13, the Tenderer shall enclose with the tender a variation registration application submitted to the company and a certificate of its receipt issued by the company. If no variation registration procedure is in progress, the negative variation registrationA declaration must also be submitted. A form in the EQF is required to complete this declaration. Bid force refers to 321/2015. (X. 30.) Gov. Decree 1 § 16 aira. A Kbt. Pursuant to Section 69 (11a), the absence of a ground for exclusion shall not require the economic operator to submit a certificate which has already been submitted electronically in the EDF by the Offeror in a previous co-procurement procedure. In this case, the economic agentit is sufficient for eplő to state which certificate submitted in the previous proceedings is to be taken into account by the court. (According to the EDF form)
a) For the present co-procurement procedure, the Kbt. (B) Pursuant to Section 11 (5) of the EDF Regulation, only an economic operator who has an interest in the proceedings in the EDF in respect of the proceedings shall be deemed to have an interest in the proceedings. (!) indicated. In the case of economic operators who are interestedsuek was indicated in another way (eg by e-mail), AK exempted from Kbt.
c) The formal requirements for the submission of a tender are contained in the KD. d) AK is the Kbt. Pursuant to Section 71, it provides for the possibility of disability, the Kbt. Section 71 (6)
e) AK does not require or allow an economic operator to be established for the performance of the contractor.
f) FAX: Erzsebet Verebeli (00535).
G) Section 17 (1) of the EAEC Regulation shall not apply to the deadline for submission of tenders. In the event of a disturbance affecting the deadline for submission of tenders, the deadline for submitting tenders is to be complied with in accordance with the provisions of Section 16 (1) - (4) of the EQF Decree. Section 47 (2).
i) AK refers to the EDF Order. § 11 (4), of the Public Procurement Act. 41 / A. The recommended trial period is 60 days, subject to the procedure
k) The tender force applies the Kbt. Section 81 (4) - (5).
l) The winner is AT 2011 CXCV. toerveny Section 41 (6) a declaration of competence may be submitted before the conclusion of the contract. Failure to do so will result in recidivism. (Sample No. 3)
m) Until the winning AT contract, a Declaration may be submitted in respect of the subcontractor (s) to be involved in the performance (Sample No. 4)
Additional documents to be submitted:
A) Offer resekekent: 1. Reading form (EKR form),
2. Commercial table (Model 1) The tenderer must complete all the lines of the commercial offer, the absence of which will render the offer invalid.
3. ESPD (EKR form).
4. In the case of a Koezoes offer, the documents according to point 7 of the KKD
5. Yes. (EQF form),
6. Yes. Yes. (EQF form),
8. A KD 19.4./9. A Kbt. Statement pursuant to Section 65 (7) (where applicable, EQF form),
10. Declaration of variation registration (EKR form), Variation registration box (if applicable),
11. Declaration of business secrecy (if applicable) (EKR form), Confidentiality of business secrets (if applicable)
12. Translation statement (if applicable) (EQF form)
13. Statement from earlier coezb. Consideration of declarations used in the procedure (EDF form)
14. Interdictorystatement of claim (EDF form)
15. Declarations according to KD 19.4.15) (EQF form)
16. Product description or manufacturing sheet for the recommended products in case 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, part

Internet address (URL): http://www.bvop.hu

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