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Contract notice: Feasibility study

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Tender Details

  • Romania
  • Contract notice: Feasibility study
  • 19th Aug 2019

Other Information

  • 34631325
  • 328295-2019
  • ICB
  • Self Financed
    Office Name: Compania Na?ional? de C?i Ferate „CFR” S.A.
    Address: Sucursala Regional? C.F. Bucure?ti, Pia?a G?rii de Nord nr. 1-3, sector 1
    Town: Bucharest
    Postal Code: 010858
    Contact Point: Liliana Lospa

    Phone: +40 213199539 / 133204
    Fax: +40 314260088
    Email :liliana.lospa@cfr.ro
    URL :www.cfr.ro

Key Values

  • Object of the contract
    Feasibility study

    Description: Contract notice: Feasibility study

    Authority Type: Utilities entity
    Contact Nature: Services
    Procedure: Open procedure
    Document: Contract notice
    Regulation: European Union
    Award criteria: The most economic tender
    CPV code: 79314000,79314000
    CPV Description: Feasibility study
    Feasibility study for: rehabilitation works, bridges, railways and railway tunnels stage II C.F. Bucharest
    Reference Number: AP / 1241 / 08.07.2019
    For the elaboration of the feasibility study, the contractor shall observe the normative acts and the specific railway infrastructure regulations applicable in the presentof a mature project that corresponds to the most efficient technical and economic solution for which to approve the provision of the financing source for the implementation of the investment objective while respecting the standards required for the European Corridors and the TEN-T Corridors and ensuring technical specifications for interoperability in the territory of Romania, iincluding for the modernization / rehabilitation of bridges and railway crossroads. Feasibility studies are expected from the contractor, made separately for each individual bridge / subway (treated as a way of approach), in accordance with GD no. 907/2016 regarding the development stages and the framework content of the related technical and economic documentation [...] details on www.e-licitatie.ro
    Min the site: the premises of the provider
    21 bridges and bridges according to Annex 4 "List of railway bridges, railways and tunnels" stage II of the SRCF Bucharest, annex to the tender documents
    The bidders, the supporting third parties and the subcontractors must not be found in the situations referred to in Articles 177, 178, 180 of Law No 99/2016. The DUAE Statement will be filled in directly in SEAP, in the dedicated sectionof the procedure of interest (DUAE already configured by the contracting entity). DUAE correspondent: Part III "Exclusion Reasons" (A "Grounds for Criminal Offenses," B "Reasons for Paying Taxes or Social Security Contributions," C Insolvency, Conflicts of Interest or Professional Misconduct) Obligation to initiate DUAE initialization bybidders / candidates (including associates / subcontractors / third-party supporters) as the first proof of non-compliance in exclusion situations and in meeting capacity requirements. Along with the DUAE, the SEPA and association agreement, the subcontracting agreement as well as the commitment of the third supporter (together with supporting documents to the engagement submitted to them by the third party / third parties supported)• The supporting documents proving the fulfillment of the assumed by completing the DUAE are to be submitted, at the request of the contracting authority, only by the tenderer placed on the place I in the mid-term ranking of the bid evaluation.
    These documents canfi:
    - Certificate of fiscal attestation regarding the lack of debts regarding the payment of taxes, social security contributions and taxes to the general consolidated budget (MFF) on the date of presentation, - Tax certificate regarding the lack of debts related to the payment of taxes and local taxes and other local budget revenues at the date of presentation,
    - The judicial record of the operthe economic operator and the members of the administrative, management or supervisory body of that economic operator or of those having the power of representation, decision or control within it, as it results from the certifying certificate issued by the ONRC / - Where appropriate, documents demonstrating that the economic operator may benefit from the derogationare provided in art. 179 par. (2), art. 180 par. (2), art. 184 of Law no. 99/2016 on sector acquisitions
    For foreign natural persons / legal entities any document considered as edifying by the competent authorities of the respective country.
    In order to fulfill the obligations stipulated in art. 73 of the Law no. 99/2016, we declare below the decision-makers / persons involved in pthe awarding procedure and the persons who may influence the content of the awarding documentation, for the award of the contract:
    - Maraloi Laurentiu Regional Director,
    - Pioaru Marcel chief of the SCF Service,
    - Radu Liviu Deputy Economic Director,
    - Cimpoieru Adrian Head of the Investment Division,
    - Visalon Daniel Chief Division Linii,
    - Cimpeanu Iulian Chief of PVTP Service,
    - Epuran Danut Juridi Office- - Marin Andreea Head of BVFPR Service,
    - Ilie Corina Petruta BVFPR Service,
    - Nistor Sorin BVFPR Service,
    - Hartan Florin PVTP Service,
    - Lospa Liliana Head of Public Procurement Service,
    - Floricel Caroleta Public Procurement Service,
    - Lulea Constanta The Public Procurement Service.
    It is requested to present the Declaration regarding non-compliance in the situations stipulated in art. 73 Form5, the "Forms" section, together with the DUAE by all the participants in the awarding procedure (bidder, associate, subcontractor and third party) • According to the provisions of Article 186 of Law No 99/2016, relevant documents to prove the form of registration and, as the case may be, attestation or membership from a professional point of view, in accordance with legal requirementsfrom the country where the economic operator is established.
    The economic operators submitting the tender must prove a registration form in the [...] details on www.e-licitatie.ro
    1) If it is found that the quoted offers in the first place they have equal scores, the AC will ask the respective bidders for a new financial proposal, in a closed envelope, in which case the contract will be atrithe tenderer whose new financial proposal has the lowest price 2) Alternative offers are not accepted 3) The bidders will specify in the technical proposal the information they consider confidential and which can not be disclosed to third parties mentioning the reasons why information must be confidential.
    Interaction with bidders, respectively the valuation processthe tenders will be conducted according to the following rules: - - for viewing the awarding documentation uploaded in the SEAP, it is necessary for the economic operators to own / install on the workstation, the application that allows the verification of the electronic signature and the view of the electronically signed documents e-Signature Providers),
    - for request submissionclarification regarding the awarding documentation, the economic operators will register in SEAP (www.e-licitatie.ro) as an economic operator according to the provisions of art. 5 par. (1) of H.G. no. 394/2016 and will transmit the requests taking into consideration the deadline of the contracting authority provided in Art. 172-173 of Law no. 99 / 2016.
    Requests for clarifications and answers torequests for clarification will be posted within the "Request for clarification / questions / decisions" section of the notice of participation published on the website www.e-licitatie.ro in the form of one or more separate documents / files signed with e-signature.
    Financial proposals submitted by tenderers in SEAP are not accessible to contracting entities until the final stagethe verification of the qualification documents and the technical proposal.
    The winning tender will be awarded on the basis of the "best price-quality ratio" criterion, provided that all the specifications in the awarding documentation are met.
    Persons authorized to be present at the opening of tenders: no.
    The correspondence and all the documents submitted by the economic operators will be in Romanian or insoenglish translation
    Internet address (URL): www.cfr.ro

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