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Poland government tender for Contract notice: Erection of fencing

Country : Poland
Summary :

Contract notice: Erection of fencing

TOT Ref No : 22467119
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 163017-2018
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Gmina Miasto Lębork
Address: ul. Armii Krajowej 14
Town: Lębork
Postal Code: 84-300

Attention: Romuald Babul
Phone: +48 598637753
Fax: +48 598622559
Email :inwestycje@um.lebork.pl
URL :www.lebork.pl
Tender Details :

Object of the contract
Erection of fencing

Description: Contract notice: Erection of fencing

Authority Type: Regional or local authority
Contact Nature: Works
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 45342000,45342000
CPV Description: Construction of a fence at the School of Food Economy and Agribusiness in Lębork
Erection of fencing.
1. The subject of the order is "Construction of a fence at the School of Food Economy and Agribusiness in Lębork."
1.1 Basic elements of the construction work:
1.1.1. Reinforced concrete foundation
1.1.2 Posts, plinth made of concrete plastered
1.1.3. Spans made of steel mated steel profilesbetween posts over the plinth
2. Characteristic parameters:
2.1. Fencing length approx. 73 m
2.2. Posts height approx. 1.70 m
2.3. Plinth height - approx. 0.7 m
3. The subject of the order should be performed in accordance with:
3.1. A fence construction project constituting Annex 9 to the SETC
3.2. Technical specification of performance and acceptance of the robot constituting Annex No. 10 to the SETC
3.3. The robot was a constantAnnexe No. 11 to the SETC
3.4. It is necessary to dismantle the existing fence wall (reinforced concrete foundation, concrete pillars and steel spans) length approx. 100 m
1. The Contractor joining the tender is obliged to pay a bid bond in the amount of: - PLN 1,000.00 (in words: one thousand PLN 00/100), before the deadline for submitting bids for the entire period of binding the bid.
2. The bid bond can be contributed in one or-several forms referred to in Article 45 par. 6 of the Public Procurement Law.
2.1. The bid security paid in cash must be paid by bank transfer to the Employer's bank account: BGŻ BNP Paribas SA 04 2030 0045 1110 0000 0220 5910 with the inscription: "Construction of the fence at ZSGŻiA in Lębork".
2.2 In the event of payment of a deposit in cash, the payment should be brought forward in advance to the meansmoney on the Employer's bank account no later than on 22.5.2018 until 9:45, on pain of recognition that the condition for payment of the bid bond has not been met.
3. The bid security paid in the form of a surety or guarantee is made in the original enclosing the prepared offer in a separate, properly described envelope and a copy of the guarantee should be included in the offer.
4. The customer stops the wadium with interest, if:
4.1. Contractor in response to the call referred to in art. 26 par. 3 and 3a of the PZP Act, for reasons attributable to him, he did not submit declarations or documents confirming the circumstances referred to in art. 25 ust. 1 of the Public Procurement Law, the statement referred to in art. 25a para. 1, powers of attorney or did not agree to correct the mistake referred to in art. 87 par.-2 points 3 Public Procurement Law Acts, which resulted in the inability to select the offer submitted by the Contractor as the most advantageous.
4.2. the contractor whose tender was chosen:
a) refused to sign a public procurement contract on terms specified in the offer;
b) did not make the required performance bond,
c) it was impossible to conclude a public procurement contractfor reasons attributable to the Contractor.
5. The ordering party will pay back the bid security deposit:
5.1. all Contractors immediately after the selection of the best offer or cancellation of the proceedings, with the exception of the Contractor whose tender has been selected as the most advantageous, subject to art. 46 ust. 4a of the Public Procurement Law,
5.2. Contractor whose offer has been selected as the most advantageous, immediately after conclusion-agreements on the order and payment of a performance bond,
5.3. immediately at the request of the Contractor who withdrew the offer before the deadline for submission of tenders. If the deposit was paid in cash, the Ordering Party returns it together with interest resulting from the bank account agreement on which it was stored, less the cost of running the bank account and pbank banking for transferring money to a bank account indicated by the Contractor.
7. In the event of an appeal against the Employer's action taken in the proceedings for the order or failure to act, to which the Ordering Party is obliged under the Act, the Ordering Party, not later than 7 days before the expiry of the bid bond, calls on the Contractors,under pain of exclusion from the proceedings, extension of the validity of the bid bond or making a new bid bond for the period necessary to secure the proceedings for the conclusion of the contract. If the appeal was filed after the selection of the most advantageous offer, the call shall be directed only to the Contractor whose tender was selected as the most advantageous one. The Ordering Party requests the deposit of the bid bond by the Contractor, who is nImmediately after the selection of the best tender or annulment of the proceedings, the bid bond was returned, if as a result of the appeal being resolved his offer was selected as the most advantageous one. In this case, the Contractor shall pay the bid bond within the time specified by the Employer.
9. The Awarding Entity rejects the offer if the deposit has not been submitted or has been filed incorrectly
Internet address (URL): www.lebork.pl
Directive: Classical Directive (2004/18/EC)

Deadline : 22nd May 2018
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