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Contract notice: Engineering services

RENNES MÉTROPOLE has floated a tender for Contract notice: Engineering services.The project location is France and the tender is closing on 13 Jan 2020. The tender notice number is 581744-2019, while the TOT Ref Number is 38753582. Bidders can have further information about the tender and can request the complete tender document by registering on the site.

Procurement Summary

Country : France

Summary : Contract notice: Engineering services

Deadline : 13 Jan 2020

Purchaser's Detail

Office Name: Rennes Métropole
Address: 4 avenue Henri Fréville, CS 93111
Town: Rennes
Postal Code: 35031

Email :metropole@rennesmetropole.fr
URL :https://metropole.rennes.fr/

Other Information

TOT Ref No. : 38753582

Document Ref. No. : 581744-2019

Competition : ICB

Financier : Self Financed

Tender Details

Object of the contract
Engineering services

Description: Contract notice: Engineering services

Authority Type: Body governed by public law
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 71300000,71300000,71300000
CPV Description: Engineering services.
Schemas director of networks of collective sanitation wastewater
The consultation is launched for the realization of the schemas directors of the networks of sanitation of 13 communes. The object of the study is to realize:
Romille, Hanger, Brece:
- phase 1: state of the available data and pre-diagnosis of the sanitation system,
- phase 2: measurement campaigns ofs flows and pollutants,
- phase 3: precise location of anomalies and malfunctions of the network,
- phase 4: assessment of the functioning of the network of sanitation,
- phase 5: elaboration of the master plan of collective sanitation of the network of used water.
- declaration on the honor to justify that the candidate enters in no cases of prohibition to tender,
- thedocument relating to the power of the person authorized to commit the candidate, date and sign.
The contract comprises a component 1, at a global and fixed price and a component 2 at unit price of type framework agreement with purchase orders, in accordance with Article R. 2162-2 al. 2 of the public order code. The estimated value for component 1:
- lot 1: EUR 43,300 excluding taxes,
- lot 2: EUR 76,600 excluding taxes,
- lot 3: EUR 85,300T.
Estimated value for part 2:
- lot 1: mini: 21 000 EUR HT - max: 105 000 EUR HT,
- lot 2: mini: 100 000 EUR HT - max: 450 000 EUR HT,
- lot 3: mini: 140 000 EUR HT - max: 465 000 EUR HT
The application can be presented either in the form of forms DC1 and DC2 (available free on the site www.economie.gouv.fr), or under the form of a Single European Market Document(DUME). Electronic transmission of envelopes is required for this consultation. Therefore, paper transmission is not allowed. The transmission of documents electronically is carried out on the buyer`s profile. The methods of electronic transmission of envelopes are defined in the regulation of the consultation.can be downloaded free of charge by logging onto the public administrative regional platform at the following address: https://megalisbretagne.org under the following reference number: 19190063_ao
Maximum number of prizes that can be awarded to a bidder: 2.

Internet address (URL): https://metropole.rennes.fr/

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