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Contract notice: Earthmoving work

SNCF has floated a tender for Contract notice: Earthmoving work.The project location is France and the tender is closing on 07 Jan 2020. The tender notice number is 582298-2019, while the TOT Ref Number is 38753772. Bidders can have further information about the tender and can request the complete tender document by registering on the site.

Procurement Summary

Country : France

Summary : Contract notice: Earthmoving work

Deadline : 07 Jan 2020

Purchaser's Detail

Purchaser : SNCF
Office Name: SNCF

Town: Nantes

Contact Point: SNCF réseau — dir achats réseau DTA pôle NO Nantes — Cécile Berthier

Email :cecile.berthier@reseau.sncf.fr
URL :http://www.sncf.com/

Other Information

TOT Ref No. : 38753772

Document Ref. No. : 582298-2019

Competition : ICB

Financier : Self Financed

Tender Details

Object of the contract
Earthmoving work

Description: Contract notice: Earthmoving work

Authority Type: Utilities entity
Contact Nature: Works
Procedure: Negotiated procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 45112500,45112700,45112500,45112700
CPV Description: Earthmoving work.
Landscaping work.
Donges industrial site bypass (44) - T04 walkway - earthworks and development of environmental compensatory zones
Reference Number: 2019DOS0717722
This T04 is a reference for earthworks and earthworks. development of the environmental compensatory zones of the Donges industrial site bypass project. Thesework is concerned with earthworks and landscaping (planting, woodworking, ecological engineering ...).
Main Site: Donges.
Generally, the works include:
- picketing of the site area adapted to ecological issues in presence
- the preparation of the site and access to the work area, depending on the ecological issues involved,
- loading, evacuation out of thesite and the discharge of the products of the works,
- the rehabilitation of the area and the regalage surfaces.
Applicants must attach to their application form the following documents and information (in case of group application, each the following documents must be sent by each of the members of the grouping): - - documents proving the legal existence of the undertakinge, with the registration number in the register of commerce and companies (or equivalent),
- prints DC1 (or equivalence) entitled duly complete and signed,
- prints DC2 (or equivalence) entitled duly complete and signed,
Documents are to be obtained by Internet at the following address: http://www.economie.gouv.fr/daj/formulaires-declaration-du-candidat
- if the candidate is in recoverycourt, it provides the copy of the judgment (s) pronounced (s),
- the candidate provides the document attesting the power of the person authorized to engage the company or the groupement.
When the candidates want to assert the the capacity of other economic operators, they must justify the capabilities of these operators and the fact that they will dispose of them for the performance of the market.
Applicants must enclose the following documents and information with their application form (in the case of a group application, each of the documents required below must be sent by each member of the group): - a statement indicating, for each of the following: Last 3 years available, the overall annual turnover and the turnover in supplies,market operations, - a copy of the last balance sheet, or extracts from balance sheets, economic operators for which the establishment of the balance sheets is obligatory by virtue of the law,
- an appropriate declaration of banks or proof insurance for the following occupational risks:
The policy must include at least the following guarantees:
1) liability guaranteecivil liability for operations and works;
1.1) bodily injury: EUR 7 600 000 per incident;
1.2) consequential material and consequential damages: EUR 3 000 000 per incident;
1.3) Non-consequential non-material damage (DINC) occurring in the absence of material or physical damage: 1,500,000 EUR per claim;
2) civil liability insurance after work and professional;
all damages (damagetangible, material, immaterial): EUR 3 000 000 per claim and per year; - - where appropriate, a description of the consistency of the financial relationship between the subsidiary and the parent company, the relationship of membership of such group.
SNCF Reseau issues this advice in its name and on its behalf.
Passing a works or service contract for the purpose of performing services similar to thosethose which have been entrusted to the holder of a previous public contract shall be placed after competition, in accordance with Article R. 2122-7 of the Public Order Code.
The present consultation is carried out within the framework of the negotiated procedure. with competition, object of the code of the public order.
In the framework of this procedure, SNCF Reseau, in application of the article R. 2161 of the code dhe public order, reserves the right to award the contract on the basis of the initial offers without negotiation.
This is an eventuality that can be implemented by the buyer according to the level of tenders submitted.
The buying entity develops online consultations electronically. The e-mail contact details of the representative entitles the bidder to tenderConsultation is to be mentioned in the application file.
Applications may not be submitted in writing but must be submitted only by electronic means: applications must be submitted via the site whose address is indicated in point I.3.
Any application sent electronically must be dated and sent in accordance with the procedures described in the 1 representative of the duly authorized candidate. No sending by e-mail is allowed.
The candidate must be able to justify the powers of his representative on request of the purchasing entity.
Any electronic application does not respect the aforementioned formalism or sent to another address is rejected without being analyzed.
For any difficulty of order technique (especially at the time of submission of the application), the candidate must contact the bravosolution supplier support.
For any other question, the candidate must contact the buyer whose coordinates are listed in point I.1 of this notice.
After reviewing the documents, the purchasing entity evaluates the candidate`s capacity and selects the candidates able to submit a salt offer.the rules and criteria defined in point III.1.4.
In case of rejection of their applications, candidates are informed in writing.
At the end of the phase of call for applications, the file of consultation of companies (DCE) is sent to successful applicants via the official website of SNCF E @ si by the buyer.
The market will be subject to the provisions of the Book of terms and conditions(CCCG) applicable to SNCF works contracts, available on the site http://www.sncf.com - (companies and collectivities-suppliers - documentation)
The application as well as any exchange of information must be written in French

Examination of variants is subject to the submission of a basic offer.
The parts constituting the DCE are to download the address indicated in point I.3.
Highly volumetric documents (notices, plans, etc.) are to be requested directly from the buyer whose contact details are as follows:
SNCF Reseau - Atlantic DTA, Le Henner building, 1 rue Marcel Paul, BP 34112, 44041 Nantes Cedex 1, fixed 33 272205623, mobile 33 771355757, mail: cecile.berthier@reseau.sncf.fr

Internet address (URL): http://www.sncf.com/

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