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Contract notice: Design consultancy services

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Tender Details

  • Italy
  • Contract notice: Design consultancy services
  • 23rd Sep 2019

Other Information

  • 35730289
  • 399548-2019
  • ICB
  • Self Financed
    Office Name: IREN S.p.A. (in nome e per conto di IRETI S.p.A., IREN Energia S.p.A, e di altre società del Gruppo)
    Address: Via Nubi di Magellano 30
    Town: Reggio Emilia
    Postal Code: 42123
    Contact Point: Direzione Approvvigionamenti, Logistica e Servizi — Ufficio Assistenza Appalti

    Email :appalti_aa@gruppoiren.it
    URL :https://portaleacquisti.gruppoiren.it

Key Values

  • Object of the contract
    Design consultancy services

    Description: Contract notice: Design consultancy services

    Authority Type: Utilities entity
    Contact Nature: Services
    Procedure: Open procedure
    Document: Contract notice
    Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
    Award criteria: The most economic tender
    CPV code: 79415200,71300000,79415200,71300000,71310000
    CPV Description: Design consultancy services.
    Engineering services.
    Consultative engineering and construction services.
    T3311 - Services related to architecture and engineering - CSP assignments - CSE - RDLC - 5 lots
    Services related to architecture / engineering for professional services for the safety management (Legislative Decree 81/2008 as amended and Presidential Decree 177/11) in the field of planning and execution dand the works relating to the district heating networks (lot A-TLR) and to the networks of the integrated water service, gas and electricity (lots 1/4)
    Main Site: Lot relating to the district heating sector: Turin, Genoa, Emilia Area
    Agreement framework for the awarding of professional services for safety management (Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments and DPR 177/11) in the context of the projectimplementation and execution of works relating to district heating (construction of transport networks, distribution, connections and installation of heat exchange substations, definitive road restorations)
    Estimated three-year amount: up to the amount of 2 700 000.00 EUR
    Valid for all lots:
    a) For all economic operators
    - non-existence of exclusion conditions fromcontracts pursuant to art. 80 of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016 and subsequent amendments and additions.
    B) For all types of companies, for consortia, for EEIGs - entry in the register of companies held by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts (or in one of the professional or commercial registers of the State of residence if it is an EU state, in accordance with the provisions of Article 83, paragraph 3, Legislative Decree No. 50/2016 and subsequent amendments and additions) for activities consistent with those object of the tender.
    C) For professionals, single or associated, professional companies, engineering companies, stable consortia of professional companies and engineering companies, of EEIGs, consortia of professionals :
    - Possession of the requirements of the DM 2.12.2016 n. 263.
    d) for the professional who carries out the role of coordinator of the ssafety during the design phase and during the execution of the works:
    - Possession of the requirements pursuant to art. 98, Legislative Decree 81/2018;
    a) This procedure is entirely managed electronically pursuant to art. 58, Legislative Decree 50/2016, through the Purchasing Portal of IREN S.p.A. compliant with Annex XI to Legislative Decree 50/16, reachable at the URL: https://portaleacquisti.gruppoiren.it, calls for tender and avfaces, according to the modalities provided for in the Tender Regulations, - the official tender documentation is available in full, by electronic means, on the aforementioned purchasing portal,
    - on the same site we will also publish any revisions and / or errata corrige to the guarantee documents should they become necessary during the procedure,
    - the competitors are therefore invited toverify any communications that may be published,
    - being the same made available to all competitors, they will consider, however, read;
    b) with respect to the indication referred to in point II.1.6), it is specified that the offers may be presented for one or more lots;
    c) in relation to the indication referred to in point IV.2.2), it is specified that the date indicated must be understood as scadenza, for penalty of exclusion from the tender, for the presentation of the offers;
    d) it is specified that, in compliance with the provisions of art. 133, paragraph 8 of Legislative Decree no. 50/2016, the Digital Bids of the Economic Offers will be examined before the Administrative Bags;the art. 47 and 48 of Legislative Decree 50/2016;
    d) if the successful tenderer fails to prove what was declared or what does not correspond to the truth, the Contracting Station shall cancel the award with a justified act and proceed to a possible new award, to favor of the competitor who follows in the ranking, or to declare the competition deserted due to the technical / economic elements describedfrom the new possible award. The Contracting Station will proceed to examine the provisional deposit provided, at the time of the offer, by the excluded bidder. 29, c. 1 second period and to the art. 76, c. 5 Legislative Decree no. 50 / 2016.
    f) The Contracting Station reserves the right todiscretionary power to:
    - not proceed with the awarding, if even partial, of one or more Lots, if no offer is convenient or suitable in relation to the object of the contract or feasible,
    - do not award even in the presence of a only valid offer,
    - cancel the tender and not proceed with the award for proven reasons for self-protection and / or for the purpose of protectingand the public interest,
    - not to stipulate the framework agreement for changed industrial needs, even with a contract awarded.

    Internet address (URL): https://portaleacquisti.gruppoiren.it

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