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Contract notice: Custom software development services

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Tender Details

  • Spain
  • Contract notice: Custom software development services
  • 27th Aug 2019

Other Information

  • 34855700
  • 341155-2019
  • ICB
  • Self Financed
    Office Name: Entidad Pública Empresarial Renfe Operadora, Dirección General Económico Financiera, Dirección de Compras y Patrimonio
    Address: Avenida Pío XII, 110, caracola 1
    Town: Madrid
    Postal Code: 28036
    Contact Point: Señor Méndez

    Fax: +34 913007479
    Email :dccp@renfe.es
    URL :http://www.renfe.com

Key Values

  • Object of the contract
    Custom software development services

    Description: Contract notice: Custom software development services

    Authority Type: Utilities entity
    Contact Nature: Services
    Procedure: Open procedure
    Document: Contract notice
    Regulation: European Union
    Award criteria: The most economic tender
    CPV code: 72230000,72230000
    CPV Description: Custom software development services.
    Managed platform service for the Renfe.com portal
    Reference Number: 2019-00735
    Managed platform service for the Renfe.com portal.
    Main Site: Madrid.
    The service to be hired is intended to provide of development, testing and production environments that allow the development and deployment of the new renfe.com, according to a cloud model tiPo Paas (Platform as a Service), so you can meet the following challenges:
    1. New appearance;
    2. New content structure more simple and accessible to the current portal;
    3. Customization capabilities for each client group (segments);
    4. Accompanying services in production stalls;
    5. Auto horizontal and vertical scaling of the Platform at no additional cost;
    6. Moniresource tor;
    7. 24 x 7 support through a multichannel support center that covers the manufacturer:
    - Support service for consultations and treatment of specific incidents with a service model based on ANS (Service Level Agreement),
    - Legal coverage for problems caused by malicious attacks,
    - Support for versions for development teams,
    - Support by the manufacturer on base software (Operating System, Databases, Application Server, etc.), whether free or licensed,
    - Start-up in the production start-up phases.
    As indicated in the Specification of Particular Conditions.
    1) The advertising expenses of this tender in the Official State Gazette will be charged to the successful bidder.The amounts required by the rate of publication of advertisements can be consulted on the website of the Official State Gazette at the address: http: //www.boe.es;
    2) This bidding is governed with respect to its preparation and adjudication by Law 31/2007, of October 30, on contracting procedures in the water, energy, transport and postal services sectors, and in quantityor its compliance, effects and extinction, by the private legal system that results from application;
    3) All correspondence maintained on this tender must refer to the file number indicated in this announcement;
    4) Tenderers who are interested in participating should submit your offer in accordance with the provisions of the Specification of Special Conditions;
    5) The Bidof Particular Conditions of this tender can be obtained in the Contracting Profile of Renfe Operadora:
    https: //contrataciondelestado.es/wps/poc uri = deeplink: contractor profile & idBp = TsK3PKG7wqQ =
    6) The documentation must be submitted in Spanish (Spanish) . Otherwise, it must be accompanied by a sworn translation into the Spanish language, the latter prevailing in case of doubt oriscrepancia;
    7) All the documentation presented in the offer, will be in the power of Renfe Operadora, except for the provisional guarantee that will be returned to the bidders as indicated in chapter I of title III of the Instruction. The provisional guarantees of the bidders will not be returned until the successful bidder has formalized the correspondingto.

    Internet address (URL): http://www.renfe.com

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