France government tender for Contract notice: Cultural event organisation services

France government tenders for Contract notice: Cultural event organisation services. Ref No: 20595506, Deadline: 15th Mar 2018.

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Country : France
Summary :

Contract notice: Cultural event organisation services

TOT Ref No : 20595506
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 065461-2018
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Région Bourgogne Franche Comte
Address: 4 square Castan — CS 51857
Town: Besançon
Postal Code: 25031

Phone: +33 380444010

Tender Details :

Object of the contract
Cultural event organisation services

Description: Contract notice: Cultural event organisation services

Authority Type: Regional or local authority
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 79952100,79952100,79952100
CPV Description: Cultural event organization services.
Implementation and conduct of the cultural project IDYLLE
Reference Number: 201807S01001
This contract is awarded through an open call for tender pursuant to Articles 42 1 a) of Order 2015-899 of 23.7. 2015 and articles 66, 67, 68 of the 2016-360 decree of 25.3.2016.
The incumbent is in charge of the elaboration, the conduct and the implementation of the projectIdyll. It ensures the following missions:
1. general conception of the cultural project (- At the scale of 2 departments per year, involving the actors of each territory (artists, associations, collectivities, cultural structures ...)
- all the work must lead to a technical and artistic proposal involving artists and amateurs, the population, the local artists, valuing theknow-how and heritage)
2. coordination and general animation of the project (- mobilize a coordinating team of 5 people ensuring the general organization of the event, the follow-up and the partnership reports, the deployment of the communication, the artistic follow-up as well as the technical follow-up:
- create a monitoring committee to stimulate continuity in the Nievre and Haute-Saone, in the dynamics of the projects,
- to mobilize the technical resource necessary for all events of the event: provision of equipment to companies, delivery of equipment, technical implementation, permanent availability of a stock of scenic material (sound, lighting, scenic structures) that can meet the spontaneous needs ofns,
- supervise the safety of the public and the event in conjunction with local partners: technical sheet, implementation of security devices, reception of the public ...,
- federer a network of actors in popular education to to facilitate the setting up of artistic practice workshops within the event,
- supervise the operational organization of the event in in each territory and by positioning themselves as the federal interlocutor with them,
- ensure the deployment of communication on the scale of the 8 territories (communities of communes) and during the various events,
- organize in the 15 days following the event of the review meetings in each department and a summary meeting in the services of the region,
- oorganize a friendly meeting bringing together all the protagonists who worked on the implementation of the device before the end of each year;
3. artistic prescriptions (- Organize the festival on 5 weeks from mid-October to mid-November
- organize 4 artistic proposals in each department, and a final proposal common to both departments,
- organize a mobile servicefor each proposal, particularly from the other department, - recruit 8 companies to be involved in each territory and coordinate a follow-up committee ensuring a common deontology of the creation process, - boost the fieldwork of companies in 8 territories predefined in order to put in place 8 multi-disciplinary shows emaille actions of mediation registering sur the duration of the creation,
- create the link between artists, inhabitants, cultural structures, associations and communities throughout the creation of different events,
- supervise the production and technical monitoring creations, accommodate creations if necessary in residence,
- mission a company in parallel to:
- propose small light forms that emaillent the twox territories throughout the duration of the festival,
- the representations of these forms will take place in associations and popular education,
- create a form played opening each show,
- respect the budget proportions that allocate more than 50% to the artistic part)
To submit their application:
- candidates who have a SIRET number answer by mailematerialized by using the Simplified Public Procurement Service (MPS) to submit their application (see Annex to this document) to which they will attach:
The appendix to the application duly completed with at least 3 references of recent service provision of nature and kind. importance comparable to the subject of the contract (for each lot), or all the information required by the buyer incompliance with the judgment of 29.3.2016, with exhibits whose presentation is left to their discretion.
Attention: if the bidder makes the choice to answer electronically using the service, he undertakes to sign his act of engagement electronically.
In consequence, at the time of the reply, the tenderer must hold a certificate of electronic signature,
--either the candidates, in the absence of a dematerialized answer, must provide:
- DC1 duly completed,
- DC2 duly completed,
The appendix to the application duly completed with at least an experience of a similar nature and importance to the subject of the contract or all the information required by the purchaser in compliance with the judgment of 29.3.2016, by documents whose presentation is left to their-free appreciation.
If the application file is incomplete, the Regional Council reserves the possibility of completing the application (missing pieces). If the candidate does not meet the conditions for participation, Article 55 IV of Decree 2016-360 of 25.3.2016 will be applied.
The applications will be assessed in view of the economic, technical, professionalCandidates' financial status (turnover, references, human resources, tools (annex to the application).
The quality of work of the candidate will also be taken into consideration in the case of services already provided for the Regional Council of Burgundy and / or the Franche-Comte Regional Council (before 2015) than for other project owners.
Is authorized for this consultation,-the submission of bids (application and bid):
1. By electronic means (procedure described in the appendix) to the following address using the service public simplified (MPS) for the application
https: // reference: (reference: 201807M01001),
- the candidates must hold an electronic signature (electronic signature of the act of engagement);
2. By paper:
- by la post with a certain date of delivery of plies:
Mrs. President of the Regional Council of Bourgogne-Franche-Comte, Purchasing Department, 17 boulevard de la Tremouille - CS 23502 - 21035 Dijon Cedex,
- delivered against recepisse, secretariat of the direction shopping, 46 rue Desvosges in Dijon - ground floor.
Opening hours: from 8:30 to 12:15 and from 13:45 to 17:45.
* according to the terms of the following discountsIn any case, the envelope given by the candidate containing the documents specified in Section V of this document shall include the following external text:
- AOO - for:.
The delivery of the envelope is carried out under external envelope on which should appear the coordinates of the company, the title of the operation.
The folds of the companies interested, which would be given or whose-the notice of delivery would be issued after the date and time limit fixed on the cover page of this document, as well as those delivered in an envelope not sealed, will not be taken into account. Folders which have been mailed and will start before the deadline and deadline for submission of bids will be taken into account.
For further information, please contact-This file, whose coordinates are given in section I of this document.
These steps will be notified to the beneficiaries at the end of an electronic procedure.
In accordance with Article 39 III of Decree 2016-360 of 25.3. 2016, the additional information on the documents of the consultation are sent to the economic operators 6 days at the latest before the deadlinefixed for the receipt of tenders, provided that they have made the request in due time via the digital territories platform Bourgogne Franche-Comte (market hall:
All the candidates having downloaded the DCE, by identifying themselves on the platform, will be informed of the answer to these questions and / or the modifications of the documents of the DCE, postponement of date,where applicable.
The Regional Council reserves the possibility of postponing the date of submission of the bids in the event that the answer to the questions does not leave sufficient time for the candidates to take into account the answer given.

Internet address (URL):
Directive: Classical Directive (2014/24/EU)

Deadline : 15th Mar 2018
Documents : Download

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