Switzerland government tender for Contract notice: Construction work

Switzerland government tenders for Contract notice: Construction work. Ref No: 18255770, Deadline: 16th Feb 2018.

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Country : Switzerland
Summary :

Contract notice: Construction work

TOT Ref No : 18255770
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 454563-2017
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Ufficio federale delle strade USTRA Filiale Bellinzona divisione Infrastruttura stradale, settore Supporto
Address: Via C. Pellandini 2a
Town: Bellinzona
Postal Code: 6500
Contact Point: „Nicht Öffnen, Offerte: N13/24 AS Querverbindung Untervaz - Zizers, Bauunternehmer“

Email :acquistipubblici@astra.admin.ch
URL :https://www.simap.ch
Tender Details :

Object of the contract
Construction work

Description: Contract notice: Construction work

Authority Type: Ministry or any other national or federal authority
Contact Nature: Works
Procedure: Open procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: GPA
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 45000000,45000000
CPV Description: Construction work.
N13 / 24 AS Junction Untervaz Zizers, Contractor.
See point 4.5 "Other information".
Main site: Switzerland, Canton Graubuenden, 7205 Zizers and 7203 Trimmis.
See point 4.5 "Other information".
The following Proof of suitability / confirmations must be submitted together with the (specified) offer documents, otherwise we will not respond to the offer
For EC1: Company experience / reference
1 comparable reference.
In assessing the suitability, a reference shall be deemed to be comparable if it satisfies at least the following conditions:
- Type of infrastructure: motorway, main thoroughfare or train
- Type of work: Reinforced concrete bridge over railway line or highway or main road
- Activities: New building or replacement
- VeTotal amount of the reference object: At least CHF 4 million
- Project status: The services must be completed
- Terms of delivery: Under rail or road traffic.
In the case of a consortium, the reference can also be from a single ARGE member , or by an ARGE member of a previous ARGE, presented reference is valid only if the samee (company or individual consortium member) who has actually carried out the work requested in the call for tenders (EK1).
- ISO 9001 quality certification or equivalent (in the case of consortium, at least the copy of the certification of the lead company).
TO EK2 : Key person, reference
The key person for the evaluation of the eligibility criteria is the person wThe following functions are performed in the project:
Minimum requirements for the key person to meet the eligibility criteria:
1 Reference as a builder or substitute in a project with all the following requirements.
- Type of infrastructure: motorway, main road or rail
Type of work: Reinforced concrete bridge over railway line or highway or Hauptverkehrsstrasse
- Activities: New building or replacement
- Contract amount of the reference property: At least 4 million CHF
- Project status: The services must be completed
- Conditions of execution: Under railway or road traffic
ABOUT EK3: Economic / financial capacity of the company
- Confirmation that the annual turnover of the supplier for the year 2015 2016 is more than twice the annual turnover
Confirmation / proof that the services are subcontractors up to a maximum of 50%.
Proofs of suitability / confirmations to be submitted at the request of the client:
- Commercial register and debt collection excerpt,
- Excerpt balance AHV / IV / EO / ALV
- Confirmation UVG insurer,
- Confirmation of tax administration,
- Evidence of insurance,
all nNot older than 3 months.
Partial offers are not allowed.
Conditions for non-WTO member countries: None.
Terms and conditions of business: According to the contract of agreement provided for.
Negotiations: Reserved. Pure bidding rounds resp. Price negotiations are not carried out. Within the framework of renegotiations, offer adjustments or changes in performance may result in an e
Procedural principles: The client awards public service contracts for services in Switzerland only to providers who guarantee compliance with health and safety at work regulations and working conditions for women and men as well as equal pay for men and women.
Other information: 1.-Detailed AuDescription of the project Project phase: Realization of the development of the track and the engineering works The project will be realized in 8 phases of construction and traffic and will include the following main services: -Resconstruction of existing overpass AS Zizers -Zizers connection (roundabout, ZH entrance, access roads, ramps) -New construction overpass AS Zizers -Neubau retaining walls Bruecke, dirt road and ramp cycle path new construction connecting ramps to the -berfuehrConstruction and redirection Rheinstrasse -Neubau Access road Page Untervaz -Production of temporary ramps at the overpass Trimmis-securing the construction site opposite the RhB and SBB. The existing -bervuehrung Untervaz Zizers is in a very bad condition. In addition, the geometric dimensions and the design of the lanes no longer meet today's requirements. The-Major construction works include the demolition of the old transfer and the construction of a new bridge structure (with 3 ramp bridges) over the N13, the SBB and the RhB. Protective tunnels and walls are provided for securing the SBB and RhB track systems. The construction works involved in the construction work consist mainly of the construction of connecting ramps to the N13 and the industrial zone-as well as from a new roundabout east of the -berfuehrung. The subject of the invitation to tender is the extension / widening of the Rheinstrasse to the transfer of Trimmis, as this also serves as a temporary traffic diversion during construction. For these structures also various support walls and a larger Schuettung are to create. Temporary measures include the call for tenders 2-provisional ramps from the existing N13 overpass Trimmis on the highway N13. The entire project can be realized in 8 construction and transport phases. Lines / quantities: - mixed demolition bridge approx. M 4 150 - demolition pavement approx. M 8300 - umbel wall approx. M 2550 -Edge excavation approx. M 34 500 - shoring approx. M 13 500 - foundation layer approx. M 10 600 - rolling surface approx. to 8 500 mastic asphalt approx. to 1 450 -Werkleitum approx. m 1 100 - sewer pipes approx. m 1 450 - sealing approx. m 6 200 - concrete approx. m 10 300 - shuttering approx. m 14 700 - reinforcement approx. to 1 200 - FZRS approx. m 1 200 - pre-tensioning approx. m 3 400. 2. Award criteria The information relating to the award criteria must be submitted together with the tender documents. ZK1: price weighting 40% ZK2: construction program (duration of work) weighting 20%There are construction time optimizations with the focus on the reduction of traffic restrictions on the N13 incl. Optimization description and scheduling program in compliance with the required quality of the structure and all necessary traffic relations show divided into: ZK 2.1 - Optimization of the construction period for the construction phases 3 and 4 incl the provisional ramp to Chur from Bauphase 5 (total of 76 working weeks according to construction program client) 10% ZK 2.2 - Optimization of the construction period for the construction phases 6 and 7 including the dismantling of the provisional ramp towards Zurich from construction phase 8 (a total of 82 working weeks according to the building program builder) 10%. ZK3: Quality, Plausibility of the Construction Program and the Construction Expenses Weighting 20% subdivided into: ZK 3.1 - Quality of the construction program: 10% Representation, clarity, clarity and expediency of the envisaged ...

Internet address (URL): https://www.simap.ch
Directive: Classical Directive (2014/24/EU)

Deadline : 16th Feb 2018
Documents : Download

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