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Germany government tender for Contract notice: Construction-site supervision services

Country : Germany
Summary :

Contract notice: Construction-site supervision services

TOT Ref No : 22467059
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 162958-2018
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Purchaser : DB NETZ AG (BUKR 16)
Office Name: DB Netz AG (Bukr 16)
Address: Theodor-Heuss-Allee 7
Town: Frankfurt-on-Main
Postal Code: 60486
Contact Point: DB AG, Beschaffung Infrastruktur, Region Ost, Frau Schneider, Jana

Phone: +49 3029755802
Fax: +49 3029755724
Email :jana.schneider@deutschebahn.com
URL :http://www.deutschebahn.com/bieterportal
Tender Details :

Object of the contract
Construction-site supervision services

Description: Contract notice: Construction-site supervision services

Authority Type: Utilities entity
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Negotiated procedure
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 71521000,71521000,71521000
CPV Description: Construction-site supervision services.
New ESTW-A Koepenick (F-Bahn), PRA1 Berlin Ostbahnhof (a) Erkner (e); Construction Monitoring Services Reference Number: 18GEI32271
New ESTW-A Koepenick mainline; here: Construction supervision services.
New construction BA 10001, ESTW-A Koepenick mainline part "Construction supervision".
Position TB, SAS and BE (driving and supply line), waste management and SiGeKo planningwas the construction work to be supervised:
Systems of control technology and safety engineering Construction of a functional safety-related system with module building, signals, signal booms, track switching devices and points. Production of all cable systems incl. Cable foundation. Services in accordance with the module contract in BZ and UZ.
Adaptation services to neighboring branch offices as well as the interfaces betweenS and F train.
Reconstruction of old systems.
Overhead line Overvoltage and adaptation of OL in connection with the installation of new points. Construction of the controller. Reconstruction of old plants.
Electrical equipment Power plant Construction of new feeders and house connections, new construction of point heating stations, new construction and adjustments of point heating systems as well as the existing 50 Hz systems in the-Rummelsburg, Stadtforst, Koepenick, Friedrichshagen and Erkner. Reconstruction of old plants in the entire area.
Superstructure installation of 4 points in the area calibration bench and deer garden.
TK-systems (only for information no subject matter) TK construction site clearing, new construction of remote control systems with transmission technology, DB MAS (MAS 90), EMA / BMA. Delivery and installation of railway stationcabling, fiber-optic cable and telegraph cable, adaptation of the neighboring branch offices Rummelsburg, Friedrichshagen and Erkner.
- statement that no insolvency or winding-up proceedings are pending,
- statement that the company is not liable for exclusion in the sense of -- 123 f. GWB or eligibility criteria within the meaning of - 122 GWB no deceit committed and no Auskuenfte, and that the company has always been in a position to provide the required evidence in relation to Sections 122 to 124 GWB; - Declarations of compliance with legal obligations, in particular the obligation to pay taxes and contributions to the statutory social security (pension, health, care, accident and unemployment insurance),-as well as obligations e.g. gem. the provisions of - 21 of the Posted Workers Act (AentG), - 98c Residence Act, - 19 Minimum Wage Act or - 21 Illicit Work Code
Form of required declarations / proofs:
All required declarations / proofs are mandatory, a reference to earlier applications will not accepted.
List according to above Following seriese summarized briefly and precisely in an appendix. Only this information will be considered for bidder selection. Exceeding documents are not required.
The above explanations / proof can be provided by successful completion of participation in a pre-qualification procedure of the Deutsche Bahn AG named in III.2.2 by submission of the pre-qualification certificate, sof- Other necessary explanations / proofs see point VI.3.
- statement of its turnover in the last 3 completed financial years, in so far as it relates to services comparable to the service to be provided, including Share in contracts carried out with other entrepreneurs,
statement-the total annual turnover of the last 3 years,
- statement about transgressions which question the reliability as a bidder (- 124 paragraph 1 No. 3 GWB).
form of the required declarations.
All required explanations must be presented, a reference to earlier applications will not be accepted.
List according to above Sequence summarized briefly and precisely in an attachment. NuThis information will be considered for bidder selection. Further documents are not required. The above explanations can be provided on successful participation in a pre-qualification procedure of Deutsche Bahn AG named in III.2.2 by submission of the pre-qualification certificate, provided that no material changes have occurredorderer explanations / proofs see VI.3.
The following additional statements / proofs are required by the economic operator as a condition of participation in addition to the explanations / proofs referred to under III.1.1 to III.1.3:
- Explain whether and to what extent we agree with the below mentioned further AG commissioned by the AG for this project (under company law im meaning - 18 AktG / kinship) or economically dependent. In the case of consortia, this obligation applies to each and every member of the Community,
- Participating companies according to page 1 of the offer / contract in tender documents.
The client reserves the right to exclude offers from tenderers with the assistance of a contractor appointed by the contracting authorityEngineers were created. The same applies if there is a corporate / family affiliation or economic dependence between the bidder and the appointed engineer.
- Declaration that the bidder / bidder has the DB Code of Conduct for Business Partners (http://www.deutschebahn.com/lieferantenqualifizierung_downloads) or the BME Behavior Policy (https://www.bme.de/fileadmin/_horusdam/2065-BME-Code_of_Conduct_english.pdf) or adhere to a code of conduct of its own, which essentially sets forth comparable principles bindingly for him,
- declaration on antitrust compliance and corruption prevention,
- Declaration that he is not blocked by Deutsche Bahn AG for misconduct and excluded from the competition,
- Eclarification on the employment of employees of the DB Group (active and no longer active such as pensioners and pensioners) as well as on the economic or financial participation in the company of the tenderer of persons who also have a employment relationship with a company of DB Group,
- declaration, that the company at no time in a Vergabeve(a) has tried to influence decision-making in an inadmissible way; Or
c) has provided misleading information affecting the award decisionForms of required declarations / proofs.
All required explanations / proofs must be submitted, a reference to earlier applications will not be accepted.
List according to o. g. Sequence summarized briefly and precisely in an attachment. Only this information will be considered for bidder selection. Additional documents sIndirectly, all explanations / proofs required under III.1.1 to III.1.3 and VI.3 are to be submitted with the application for participation.
The client reserves the right to apply -- 123, 124 GWB.
In the case of a participation application or Offer, in the form of a consortium, the groupings should register in advance in the allocation portal of DB AG. Participation in theProcedure requires the unaltered composition of the consortia admitted to the competition. The combination of the individual bidders admitted to the bidding consortium in the participant competition is permissible.
Questions about the tender documents or the award procedure must be submitted in good time so that the client, taking into account internal coordination processes, can obtain the necessary informationIt is possible to reply at least 6 days before expiry of the time limit for submission of tenders or submission of participation requests. The client reserves the right not to answer questions that are not answered in good time or within less than 6 days before the deadline for submission of the offer or the submission of the application for participation
Internet address (URL): http://www.deutschebahn.com/bieterportal
Directive: Classical Directive (2014/25/EU)

Deadline : 15th May 2018
Tender Documents : Download

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