Germany government tender for Contract notice: Architectural services for buildings

Germany government tenders for Contract notice: Architectural services for buildings. Ref No: 19399483, Deadline: 9th Feb 2018.

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Country : Germany
Summary :

Contract notice: Architectural services for buildings

TOT Ref No : 19399483
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 519266-2017
Competition : ICB
Financier : Self Financed
Office Name: Freistaat Thüringen, Landesamt für Bau und Verkehr, Abteilung 5, Hochbau
Address: Europaplatz 3
Town: Erfurt
Postal Code: 99091
Contact Point: Dezernat 16 - Zentrale Vergabe

Phone: +49 361-574156475
Fax: +49 361-574156570
Tender Details :

Object of the contract
Architectural services for buildings

Description: Contract notice: Architectural services for buildings

Authority Type: Regional or local authority
Contact Nature: Services
Procedure: Competitive procedure with negotiation
Document: Contract notice
Regulation: European Union, with participation by GPA countries
Award criteria: The most economic tender
CPV code: 71221000,71221000
CPV Description: Architectural services for buildings.
Pioneer barracks Gera-Hain, Architectural achievement for the new building of a hall shooting range on the basis of an existing pattern planning Reference Number: 2239-17-F-EV-51
In the pioneer barracks Gera Hain the new building of an indoor shooting range with consideration of Measures with regard to sound insulation and shooting safety can be realized.The two-storey, non-basement building contains on the ground floor essentially two shooting stands, two training rooms, associated function rooms as well as the technical and sanitary side rooms. The upper floor serves exclusively the ventilation installation. The space requirement plan covers an area of use of approx. 2,000 m with a gross volume of approx. 12,000 m-. The plang of the indoor shooting range is based on the present location-neutral sample planning. Subject of the contract is the location-based object planning on the basis of the present sample planning for a decision document construction (ES-Bau) in the quality of a design document construction (EW construction) according to the guidelines for the execution of construction tasks of the federation (RBBau). ContinueDefinitions under item II.2.4.) Main site: Pioneer Barracks Gera-Hain, Zum Hain 1, 07554 Gera
Nationwide, new build- ings of indoor / space shooting facilities are required because the shooting training concept of the Bundeswehr and the requirements under public law have changed.
The planning of the indoor shooting range is based on the present location-neutral sample planning. GegensThe task of the contract is the planning of a site-related decision-making construction (ES-Bau) in the quality of a design document construction (EW-Bau) according to the guidelines for the execution of construction tasks of the federal government (RBBau), section E, F and L1. The cost calculation on the basis of the location-neutral sample planning results in approximately 12 500 000 EUR gross rounded (for the cost groups 300-400 according to DIN 276). Here are the costs for the connection to media (electricity, water, sewage, heat) incl. Possibly further measures for the media supply at the site is not taken into account. The shooting range technology is not part of this order, but must be integrated. The planning of the indoor shooting range places high demands on the shooting shots to be coordinatedThe planning scope consists of the elaboration of the site-specific building law planning, based on a location-neutral sample planning taking into account the site conditions w. z. Ground, external access, media connection, installation of outdoor facilities and seismic safetyr Contract includes the architect's services according to the Architectural and Professional Fee Rules (HOAI) 2013 in the power level 1 for the work phases:
- a1) Basic services of the preliminary planning (LP 2),
- a2) Basic services of the design planning (LP 3),
- a3) Basic services of the approval planning (LP 4).
The services of the planning include the basic services for the following performanceild according to HOAI (2013):
- Object Planning Part 3, Section 1.
The services must provide a reliable measure description and cost calculation according to the requirements of DIN 276.
The basic services for the planning services for the building were classified in the Honorary Zone III a) Approval for professional training according to - 27 para. 1 no. 2 c) VSVgV profession Architect or Ingenieur (structural engineer)
b) declaration according to - 123 GWB Existence of exclusion criteria;
c) declaration on the intended further assignment of order shares pursuant to - 27 (4) VSVgV;
d) consortia are admitted. The application must be accompanied by a declaration signed by all members of the grouping with the following content:
- the formation of a working group(AG) according to -- 705 ff BGB,
- the mention of a representative authorized to carry out the contract, who represents the members of the AG in a legally binding manner vis---vis the client,
- declares that in the case of commissioning the AG until the settlement of the Order is maintained, - jointly liable, with authorized representative, also on the biddera) Proof of professional indemnity insurance (- 26 (1) no. 1 VSVgV) of an EU-registered third-party liability insurer with a minimum cover of EUR 1 500 000 for personal injury and EUR 300 000 for other damage, this proof must be attached .
Alternatively: submission of a binding and unconditional declaration by the insurer at the time of submissionsubmission of the application, in which the insurer agrees to conclude the liability insurance with the required cover sums when placing the order.
b) Information on the total turnover of the last three financial years pursuant to - 26 (1) no. 3 VSVgV
c) VS declaration on VS-NfD -Merblatt
Another requirement for the receipt of the tender documents is the declaration of the candidate to VS-NfD leaflet (see point 0.4.1 of the application for participation).
- Supplement or limitation to I.3) Communication since it is a PC measure pursuant to Section 11 (1) of the Public Procurement Regulation for the areas of defense and security for the implementation of the Directive 2009/81 / EC (VSVgV), only the participation documents are free of charge and wholly free of charge, with direct accessAssignment.
Multiple participation of individual members of consortia in several consortia or multiple participations of individual planners are inadmissible and lead to the exclusion of all concerned consortia or all affected bidders.
The required information acc. III.1.1 to III.1.3 are summarized in an application form.
The application documents are unthe electronic access specified in I.3) Communication by the applicant. The provision in paper form or by fax or e-mail is not. Only the electronic submission of the application documents is allowed. The application documents must be submitted by the applicant exclusively via the access named under I.3) Communication. If the application documents are published on an aThe application form is completed and signed with an electronic signature (advanced or qualified signature) on page 6 of the application form, together with, if applicable, the application form explanatory equipment to be returned. This is the only way to ensure thatss the application for participation can be processed. If the electronic signature (advanced or qualified signature) is missing on the application form (page 6), the exclusion of the applicant from the procedure takes place. All references, references, explanations, documents must be submitted in German or in German certified translation. Missing explanations and evidence-will not be requested. In the case of incomplete or incorrect documents or missing documents or evidence or declarations, the exclusion of the candidate shall be excluded.
All the titles in the text of the notice shall include both the female and the male forms.

Internet address (URL):
Directive: Classical Directive (2014/24/EU)

Deadline : 9th Feb 2018
Documents : Download

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