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Consultants for the Bid Challenge System Independent Review Panel Members

Country : Liberia
Summary :

Consultants for the Bid Challenge System Independent Review Panel Members

TOT Ref No : 32268991
DOCUMENT REF. NO. : 4A1508/CA/003
Competition : ICB
Financier : Millennium Challenge Account (MCA)
Attn: Jacob N.W. Slewion, Sr. Procurement Lead F & F Building, Ground & 1st Floors UN Drive, Coconut Plantation Monrovia Telephone: +231 7701 44444
Email :mcaliberiapa@cardno.com
Tender Details :

Tenders are invited for Selection of Individual Consultants for the Bid Challenge System Independent Review Panel Members. SPECIFIC PROCUREMENT NOTICE LETTER OF INVITATION Selection of Individual Consultants for the Bid Challenge System Independent Review Panel Members Country: Liberia City/Locality: Monrovia Ref# Number: 4A1508/CA/003 Contract Name: “Selection of Individual Consultants for the Bid Challenge System Independent Review Panel Members” Project Name: Program Management and Administration Funding Agency: Millennium Challenge Corporation Buyer: Millennium Challenge Account – Liberia (MCA-Liberia) The United States of America, acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”) and the Government of Liberia (the “Government”) have entered into a Millennium Challenge Compact for Millennium Challenge Account assistance to help facilitate poverty reduction through economic growth in Liberia (the “Compact”) in the amount of approximately Two Hundred Fifty Six Million Seven Hundred Twenty Six Thousand US Dollars (US $ 256,726,000) (“MCC Funding”). The Government, acting through the Millennium Challenge Account - Liberia (the “MCA - Entity”), intends to apply a portion of the MCC Funding to eligible payments under a contract for which this Letter of Invitation (“LOI”) is issued. The goal of the Compact is to reduce poverty through economic growth. Specifically, the Compact seeks to address two binding constraints to economic growth currently existing in Liberia: a) lack of access to reliable and affordable electricity, and, b) inadequate road infrastructure. The Letter of Invitation, follows the General Procurement Notice that appeared in dgMarket on February 7, 2019, UNDB Online on February 13, 2019, local newspapers: The Inquirer on February 13 and 14, 2019, Independent Probe on February 15, 2019, and MCA-Liberia Website (www.mca.gov.lr). 1. Summary of Services: The MCA-Liberia now invites applications from eligible Individual Consultants for the Bid Challenge System Independent Review Panel Members. This requirement is only for individual consultants. Submissions from consulting firms will not be accepted. Individual consultants are also not allowed to subcontract any part of this work to other individuals or firms. Location and Duration. The location of the assignment is Monrovia, Liberia. The assignment is for a maximum of 15 working days as/when required. The required qualifications for the Individual Consultant to be considered are indicated in the Terms of Reference (“TOR”). Please refer to the detailed Terms of Reference included in the LOI documents but among other requirements, the qualifications for the Master List of Independent Reviewers of appeals include: 1) Bachelor’s degree that is relevant to Procurement; A Postgraduate Degree such as Master’s or Juris Doctor is preferred; 2) In depth knowledge of, and experience with, procurement rules, principles and processes under one or more of the following: (i) law of Liberia, or (ii) rules of multilateral development banks or organizations (e.g., World Bank, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, or Inter-American Development Bank), or (iii) rules of foreign official development agencies (e.g., MCC, USAID, JICA, AusAID); 3) Has been trained in MCC procurement principles, practices and procedures, preferred; 4) Demonstrated ability to be ethical, impartial and independent. 2. Application Procedure: Consultants should register their interest by sending an e-mail (with subject: Bid Challenge System Independent Review Panel Members) to the Procurement Agent at MCALiberiaPA@cardno.com, giving their full contact details. This will ensure that the Consultants receive a copy of the Letter of Invitation (LOI) and updates regarding the LOI. 3. Interested Individual Consultants are requested to submit their Applications and CVs, using the form provided for this purpose in this LOI documents. 4. Selection Procedure: The Consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures for selection of Individual Consultants set out in the MCC Program Procurement Guidelines (P1.B.3.10) which are provided on the MCC website (www.mcc.gov). The selection process, as described, will include a review and verification of qualifications and past performance, including a reference check, prior to the contract award. 5. The selection process comprises two stages: The first three Individual Consultants having the highest technical scores will be invited to submit financial proposals (e.g fees and reimbursable expenses) and to negotiate framework agreements. The contract award is subject to a price reasonableness analysis. Should negotiations fail with the selected Individual Consultant, negotiations will be initiated with the other Consultant that submitted responsive application, in the descending order of their technical scores. 6. Interested Individual Consultants may request any clarifications regarding this requirement no later than: April 15, 2019 at 3:00 pm. The Client shall be obliged to respond by April 22, 2019. 7. Application with current CV shall be submitted to the address below no later than April 29, 2019 at 5:00 pm, Liberia local time. Applications should be submitted by email to: MCA-Liberia Procurement Agent Email: MCALiberiaPA@cardno.com 8. MCA-Liberia is not bound to accept any of the applications submitted and may cancel the selection process at any time without providing any justification to the Consultants.

Deadline : 29th Apr 2019
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