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Consultancy Services to Review the Best Practices

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  • Senegal
  • Consultancy Services to Review the Best Practices
  • 11th Aug 2019

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    Attn: HEBIE Oumarou/ Sala DIA/ HOUEDENOU Germain/ Kader SANFO Email: germain.houedenou@sos-kd.org, sala.dia@sos-kd.org, kader.sanfo@sos-kd.org, oumarou.hebie@sos-kd.org
    Email :Germain.Houedenou@sos-kd.org, Sala.Dia@sos-kd.org, Kader.Sanfo@sos-kd.org, Oumarou.hebie@sos-kd.org

Key Values

  • Expression of Interest are invited for Senegal: Consultancy Services to Review the Best Practices in Health and Education Programming in West and Center. 1. Background and rationale for the consultancy SOS Children’s Villages International is the umbrella organization for the global federation of 134 national SOS Children’s Villages associations, working in more than 2000 program locations worldwide. We work together with a single mission: to ensure that every child grows with love, security and respect. Uniquely, we provide long-term, family-like care for children who have lost parental care with our family-based care (FBC) program, and we work with vulnerable families and communities to help strengthen them and prevent child abandonment toward family strengthening program (FSP). The FBC program units are usually organized in the form of a village of SOS families, where a SOS mother takes care of a small group of children. In order to support the core programs (specifically the FBC program at the origin) SOS Children’s Villages associations have built health and education (H&E) facilities in many program locations. In the West and Central Africa region one hundred and twenty-two (122) such units including forty – seven (47) kindergartens, twenty – one (21) medical centers, fifty – one (51) schools and three (03) vocational training centers were identified in the eighteen (18) countries covered by the regional office. As many other organizations, SOS Children’s Villages International is facing challenging period of change. It is then important to ensure that the core strengths of the organization are preserved and that we build further on a sustainable foundation. Therefore, an assessment of each individual education and health facility has been carried out by the federation in line with the 2030 strategy of the organization. The findings of the assessments are then used to take informed decisions regarding the future of the health and education facilities. That is why it has been recommended to continue offering health and education services only where the facilities are contributing to the ‘core work’ of the organization and where SOS Children’s villages international is the ‘best placed’ to operate them, and if it is done in a cost effective way. Otherwise, it has been recommended to let other stakeholders who are best placed to offer such services to the community to assume this responsibility while we let go of our facility. In this way, we can focus on our core business and direct / redirect our limited resources to maximize the impact on our target group. However this doesn’t mean that SOS Children’s Villages International is abandoning its involvement in Health and Education sectors. Where we let go the facilities we may have new approaches in addressing Health and Education issues for our target group. That is the reason why the regional office of SOS Children’s Villages would like to recruit consultants to conduct a study regarding the best practices in H&E programming implemented in our region in order to help develop new H&E approaches for our target group. 2. Objectives The objective of this study is to review of best practices in health and education and assess the added value for SOS. The specific objectives are: a) Specific objective 1: Highlight the changes/ dynamics in H&E programming in West and Central Africa and identify the different approaches developed by the other NGOs b) Specific objective 2: Give a detailed description of each approach identified with its specificity, value added and cost effectiveness. c) Specific objective 3: Provide strategic orientation on where we should focus our strengths and resources by taking into account the target group. 3. Key deliverable The key deliverable of this study is to provide a report including all the elements related to the specific objectives above. 4. The prospective bidders are required to submit preliminary proposals detailing the following: · A capability statement: A letter affirming the firm or individual’s experience and expertise relevant to the assignment. · A Technical Proposal: including a clear methodology, a realistic work plan and timeline, a summary of the past experiences and the CVs of the team members. · A detailed financial proposal in Excel format: Including all proposed costs in Euro (i.e. consultation fees as well as operational costs). The clarity and accessibility of the technical proposal will be highly rated. · Evidence of experience and referees: Contacts of at least two organizations that have (preferably in the last 3 years) contracted the firm/consultant(s) and sample of the studies conducted. 5. Instructions to bidders i. General This bid is open to all national and international suppliers (independent consultants or companies) who are legally constituted and can provide the requested services. The bidder shall bear all costs of the bid. ii. Language of the bid The proposal and all supplementary documents have to be submitted in French. In addition, the bidder has to cover all translation costs in English. iii. 6.1.2 Bid currency Financial bid needs to be stated in euros. How to apply: i. Process of Submission of Bids: To facilitate the submission of proposals, the submission duly stamped and signed can be done electronically in PDF format, and sent to HEBIE Oumarou (Oumarou.hebie@sos-kd.org), copying Sala DIA (Sala.Dia@sos-kd.org), HOUEDENOU Germain (Germain.Houedenou@sos-kd.org) and Kader SANFO (Kader.Sanfo@sos-kd.org). If you would prefer to send hard copy by post, then please request postal address. The titles of submitted documents should clearly state “Technical proposal for review of best practices in H&E” and “Financial Proposal for review of best practices in H&E”. Please make sure that the technical and financial proposals are handed in separately. Proposal to be sealed in a closed envelope or a separate PDF file in case of electronic submission. During the process of evaluation, technical bids would be opened and evaluated first. The financial part of those proposals, which are shortlisted after evaluation of the technical proposal, will then be opened in a second step. ii. Deadline for submission The proposal has to be received by latest on August 11, 2019 by 11 pm GMT. Proposals received after the deadline will be not be considered.

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