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Consultancy for the Gathering and Systematization of Strategic Information for th

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Tender Details

  • USA
  • Consultancy for the Gathering and Systematization of Strategic Information for the Development of a Methodology Roadmap to Incorporate the Gender Approach
  • 20th Aug 2019

Other Information

  • 35416269
  • ONUMUJERES / ECU / PS / 19-025
  • ICB
  • UN System
    Street address: 220 East 42nd Street New York, NY 10017 Tel: +1 646 781-4400 Fax: +1 646 781-4444
    URL :www.unwomen.org

Key Values

  • Tenders are invited for Consultancy for the Gathering and Systematization of Strategic Information for the Development of a Methodology Roadmap to Incorporate the Gender Approach in Public Climate Expenditures in Ecuador Duties and Responsibilities 4. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE CONSULTANT The consultant must work in coordination with the UN Women Gender Planning and Budget Analyst to fulfill the general objective and specific objectives of this Consultancy, considering the following activities: For the fulfillment of Specific Objective 3.2.1: The identification and selection of criteria will be based on the revision and adaptation of methodologies applied at international level, in such a way that it facilitates the comparison of data. Review the existing literature on methodologies and international experiences on climate expenditure with a gender approach. Identify the criteria and variables to be used for the development of the diagnosis, specifying those that will be used for the legal and institutional framework and those for programs, actions and expenses. Verify the availability of information for the criteria and variables identified. Organize the criteria and variables at least by level of government and institution; regulatory and institutional framework; programs, actions and resources. For the fulfillment of Specific Objective 3.2.2: Define the methods of collecting information to be applied, mainly considering the literature review and interviews with key informants. Manage the request for information with the entities providing official information through the Undersecretariat of Climate Change of the Ministry of Environment in coordination with UN Women. Review the international and national legal framework related to public planning and finance, gender equality and climate change; identifying the enabling legal framework and areas susceptible to improvement that apply to the national context. Analyze existing institutional programs and projects on climate change and gender and the resources allocated for their execution. Identify the actions and resources registered in the Expenditure Guidance Catalog, gender and environment axes. Systematize the information of the criteria and variables that feed the diagnosis organized by regulatory and institutional scope and by programs and institutional actions. Prepare an analytical summary that summarizes the opportunities and challenges identified in the collection of information. For the fulfillment of Specific Objective 3.2.3: The analysis should start from the identification of the improvement areas in order to take advantage of the opportunities and face the existing challenges. Identify changes in knowledge and practices to improve capacity building. Propose an instrument to identify the topics, audiences and learning methodologies to be raised in the strategy. Identify existing academic and vocational training offer that contributes to the future implementation of the capacity building strategy. Organize consultation and validation meetings with key institutions. For the fulfillment of Specific Objective 3.2.4: Summarize the process carried out for the development of the consultancy. Include contact details of institutions and key people. Identify actions in the short term to promote the implementation of the road map. Application Deadline: 20-Aug-19 (Midnight New York, USA) Additional Category: Climate & Disaster Resilience Type of Contract: Individual Contract Languages Required: Spanish Starting Date: (date when the selected candidate is expected to start) 02-Sep-2019 Duration of Initial Contract : 50 DIAS Duration of Initial Contract: 50 DIAS Expected Duration of Assignment: 50 DIAS [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]

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