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Cabinets for the Technical Audit of the Fiscal & Coffee Sector Development Fund 2

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Tender Details

  • Cameroon
  • Cabinets for the Technical Audit of the Fiscal & Coffee Sector Development Fund 2006-2016
  • 22nd Jul 2019

Other Information

  • 34500705
  • 002/ASMI/FODECC/2019
  • ICB
  • Self Financed
    Secrétariat de l Administrateur du FODECC sis au 2ième étage de l Immeuble Siège du FODECC, Boulevard Saint Jean Paul II, 138 Rue 6.085 quartier Golf Yaoundé Tel: 222 21 88 24 Attn: Nengue Samuel Donatien (Administrateur)

Key Values

  • Expression of Interest are invited for Cabinets for the Technical Audit of the Fiscal & Coffee Sector Development Fund 2006-2016. Consistency of the services The services subject of this call for expressions of interest are the following: a) Analysis of the insurance portfolio The first phase of the brokerage operations aims to analyze the various policies of the FODECC insurance portfolio. It is also a question of knowing and analyzing all the information that FODECC possesses on these risks and its means of prevention / protection and the history of claims. b) Police Management, Risk Control and Advisory Mission The second phase of brokerage operations consists of: Information on the evolution of the insurance and hedging market to optimize the FODECC policies. The proposal to extend and adjust the guarantee in line with the changing needs of FODECC and in the best market conditions. The broker is required to comply with FODECC's financial regulations, particularly with regard to the competitive bidding procedures for insurance policies that the broker monitors and manages; The drafting of contracts or amendments endorsing any modification; The annual establishment of a summary of policies covering guarantees, capital and deductibles; Assistance in prevention and protection, risk assessment and safeguards; Providing answers to insurance questions; The validation of the clauses of insurance of the leases and the contracts suppliers; Premium management: the broker will be remunerated by the Insurer in accordance with the regulations in force in the Insurance sector. c) Claims management The third phase of brokerage operations consists of: File review, complete management and complete follow-up until the completion of each file; Assistance in the drafting of claims declarations; The participation of the broker in amicable or judicial expert meetings at the request of FODECC; The establishment of an annual loss report. d) Communication and regular monitoring In the fourth phase of the brokerage operations: The broker will be the representative of FODECC with insurers and will report the result of all contracts and / or negotiations; The broker will ensure effective management of policies passed by the organization of regular meetings of claims being resolved. One-off meetings are to be scheduled for each consultation / invitation to tender; The broker will be in charge of the procedure for monitoring each file: the broker must ensure that the FODECC is required to inform the evolution of each file; The broker undertakes to respond to FODECC's requests within the timeframes of the contract; The broker will identify a person within his organization who will be the main contact for FODECC. He will provide FODECC with the name, email address and telephone number of this person. The broker will provide FODECC with a dedicated team and will indicate for each policy the contact details of the Production, Claims and Accounting Manager. [Disclaimer: The above text is machine translated. For accurate information kindly refer the original document.]

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