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Why is it difficult to acquire Govt. Tenders?

Posted By Morris On 26 Aug 2019 in Construction and Real Estate

Why is it difficult to acquire Govt. Tenders?
When it comes to acquiring tenders, especially the Government tenders, there are various factors which affects its successful acquisition by a reputed company. Compliances, licenses, requests for proposal (RFPs) are some of the well-known factors. However, there are a lot more. In this post, we will take an elaborative view of the factors which are involved in the successful acquisition of the Government tenders, not only of India, but of other countries around the world. Stay tuned! Getting to know on time: - There are thousands of government websites which publishes information about its tenders. However, it is difficult for every company to keep a track of so many websites. Of India government alone, there are nearly 5000 websites which reveals the information about the tenders. The task to track monitor the government of other countries as to when they release their tenders, becomes obviously difficult. This is why, we recommend people to use our website more frequently. At Tendersontime, we provide a sophisticated list of the fresh tenders of both government and private companies. Needless to say, but the earlier you come to know about the tenders, the more time you have to prepare the bid, RFPs and other relevant documents in both electronic and hard copies, which is usually the norm especially for the Indian State Tenders. Finding the relevant contract: - The key to acquiring the government contract in India, is to bid for the right contract. It is common for startups to apply for every major tenders in India. However, that will not only result in rejection, but also in the wastage of time and energy. If the task of the project requires immense technical skills, then you need to introspect the technical skills of your organization in order to complete the task. If you think, your organization has the required technical skills to complete the tender on time, only then you should look to bid. As we mentioned in this paragraph, preparing a high quality bid takes a lot of time and energy of the human resources, so narrow down your tenders before making a decision to apply for it. Preparing the perfect Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ): - In order to be shortlisted for the government tenders, you have to highlight the best achievements of your organization in the most structured manner. And this is exactly done with the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire. If you really believe that your expertise, skills and experience are more than the required, then you would need to showcase them in the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire. A lot of deserving companies miss out on profitable tenders as they do not prepare for the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire properly. Invitation to Tender (ITT): - Once you have been shortlisted through the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire, now it’s time to showcase your expertise for the current tender. How you will manage it and what are the financial resources that you require to complete the project are the strong parameters to focus on during the ITT. In order to win in the ITT, you definitely need to offer something unique, something more beneficial to the company. Remember that standing out from your competitors is the key to winning a successful tender. Bank of Baroda Tenders Looking to acquire the tenders from Bank of Baroda? Well then you have come to the right place. Bank of Baroda often puts on tenders for various work. If you think you possess the required skills, expertise and experience to handle their projects, then you should definitely subscribe to our website at Tendersontime.com Government tenders online In India, apart from the Central government, there are several departments of the state government that floats the tenders online, either in the press releases, or in the print media. And this is why getting to know about the Government tenders online on time can be difficult. This is where our website tendersontime comes in useful. There are nearly 5000+ websites of the various departments of the state government that are updated with the tenders every now and then. You will find every one of it on our website. What makes us the best website for government tenders and contracts? Our USPs stand out from the websites that offer information about the tenders in the following ways. More than 35,000 + tenders are added everyday on our website. We track nearly 1000 papers from the regions of Asia, Africa and Europe on a daily basis. We help our clients to prepare the bid with our consultancy services in nearly 45 countries. We also have dedicated tender portals for various countries like the www.francetenders.com, www.spaintenders.com, www.kenyatenders.com, www.ghanatenders.com, www.tanzaniatenders.com. End to end facilitation and consultancy services. We attend the bidding process on behalf of the bidding company. We are very efficient in the art of tender management. We can prepare the tender for your behalf in order to highlight the best of your skills, expertise and experience according to the specific requirements. International tenders online As we have mentioned earlier, our website tracks the government websites of other nations. Therefore, you can find out about the highly profitable International tenders online on our website. One international tender is all you need in order to skyrocket your reputation in the market. When you have successfully completed an international tender, then your next proposals would become easier to get selected in the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire. About Tendersontime? When it comes to providing the latest information about the tenders from not only in India, but all across the world, we provide a rapid information to our readers. With nearly two decades of experience in tenders’ domain, we acquire the information from highly reputed sources before letting our users know about it. To know about the compliances, RFPs, government contract awards, industry news, we are the best choice. If you are looking to acquire Indian State tenders, we highly recommend you to subscribe to our website for immediate information.

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