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They allocate 18,000 euros to the project to cover the courtyard of Elvira Spain

Posted By Morris On 30 Apr 2019 in Construction and Real Estate

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The Board of Local Government of the City of Tudela authorized in its session yesterday an expenditure of 18,077 euros for the drafting and construction management of the project covering the patio of the public school Elvira Spain. Specifically, it agreed to award Eduardo Erro Landa (Ribera Navarra Projects) the contract for this amount. Of this amount, 6,043.95 euros will be for the study and writing of the project; 3,630 for the drafting and inclusion in the Separata Eléctrica project; and another 8,403.45 euros more for the direction of works and coordination of Health and Safety. It is worth remembering that the Department of Education of the Government of Navarra will pay for the construction of the roofs in the courtyard of the center of Tudela, which will involve an investment of 200,000 euros.

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