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Qatar injects $ 9 billion in investments in Russia Construction and Real Estate

22 Mar 2019| Posted by Morris | In Construction and Real Estate

Joint projects in infrastructure, agriculture and energy Russian Ambassador

The Russian ambassador to Doha, Nur Mohamed Khulov, revealed joint projects being studied by Moscow and Doha that could eventually contribute more than $ 9 billion in country investments in Russia. "The cooperation between the two countries through the Russian Fund for Direct Investment and the Qatar Investment Authority is developing, as the country's investments in the Russian economy were attracted by about 2.5 billion dollars," the Russian diplomat said. There are more than $ 9 billion worth of projects under development, such as infrastructure, agriculture, real estate, oil and gas, "the agency said. Kholouf predicted that the interest of Qatari investors in cooperation with Russia will be reflected positively on the trade exchange between the two countries, which will contribute to increase it to half a billion dollars by next year. In comparison, trade between the two countries in 2017 amounted to only $ 73.3 million, but in 2018 it grew by 7.4% to $ 78.7 million. In particular, Qatari exports to Russia grew from $ 7.1 million To $ 36.4 million. The Qatari-Russian relations have witnessed a remarkable development in the investment side during the past years, especially after the purchase of Doha share of the Russian oil giant, "Ross Oil" for 10.5 billion euros, which was the largest deal in the global energy market in 2016.

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