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Provision of human resource information management system

Posted By James On 06 Dec 2017 in Computer Hardware and Software Services

 human resource information management system Tender
National Police Service Commission Invites Tenders for Provision of human resource information management system The services under this assignment will generally include: Provision of human resource information management system The Ministry of Interior & Co-ordination of National Government intends to acquire a personnel records and nominal roll management information system for the National Police Service to manage large numbers of police officers/staff to replace the current manual method. The new system is expected to enhance efficiency by digitizing personnel records, establishments, strength, shortfalls, recruitment, promotions and deployments with a view to generating timely, accurate and efficient records for the National Police Service. In order to source for suitable bidder to supply, deliver and implement electronic personnel records and nominal/seniority roll management information system, the National Police Service invites duly eligible firms to indicate their interest for supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the aforesaid system. To be eligible and considered qualified to submit a proposal, firms must submit their company profile and all other relevant information demonstrating their capability, experience and competences to undertake the above assignment and to specifically demonstrate the concept of this solution in addition to providing proposal for a service level agreement that will constitute the main part of the annual technical and systems support contract as well as the standard daily on-site support resources. The firm shall avail structured documentation that will contain solution design, installation manuals and system policies. The system shall ensure effective and accurate personnel records are maintained and integral nominal roll report is generated to assist the National Police Service Headquarters make accurate decisions. Interested bidders may obtain further information from the Procurement office at Jogoo House 'A' during normal working hours from 8.00 am to 5.00pm, East African time. Document Type : Tender NoticeBidding Type : International Competitive BiddingClosing Date: 10.00 am Friday, 20th December 2017

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