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E-Con Group receives $12.6 million collegiate high school contract

Posted By Morris On 21 Jun 2014 in Construction and Real Estate

E-Con Group receives $12.6 million collegiate high school contract
The Board of Trustees, Mission CISD has awarded E-Con Group the Mission Collegiate High School contract. The department negotiated the price of the project down by $67,000. The group also shortened the number of days for project completion. The group has also done two projects for the Board: the ag building addition at Veterans Memorial High School and the Waitz Elementary kitchen dining addition, the group proposed the lowest quote with the alternatives, says, Rick Rivera, executive director for maintenance, facilities and construction. The best and final offer from the group was evaluated at $12.6 million; the project would begin in the first week of July 2014 whereas the project completion date is set for July 2015. The district also has plans for various contracts at Tom Landry Stadium. Presently, the stadium is getting a new turf and track; additional seats are also summed into ADA requirements. Thirty-six seats would need to be added to the home side, while the visitors’ side will have 30 more addition. According to Rick Rivera - At present there are four (ADA approved seats) on each side. Requests for qualifications are being advertised. This will be a design-build project. We are waiting to see how many proposals we get for this project. The ramps at the stadium would have to be redesign as well because they also do not fulfill ADA requirements, says, Superintendent Ricardo Lopez. During this month’s meeting a new update was given for the district’s new administration building. The new building would be to the east side of the current building in the parking lot zone with a construction cost of $8.8 million. The current administration building would be bulldozed, while most of the property trees will remain intact, commented, Rick Rivera.

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