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BULGARIA: Public procurement appeals fee to be inculcate with the contract value

Posted By Morris On 18 Jun 2014 in Other Services

BULGARIA: Public procurement appeals fee to be inculcate with the contract value
As per the set of proposed legal amendments, the fee for public procurement petitions in Bulgaria is to be included with the contract price. The Deputy Prime Minister, Daniela Bobeva at the annual conference on industrial construction and investments, announced that the cost for appealing public procurement procedures was to be approved next week by the Council of Ministers. The new provisions were to restraint meaningless appeals setbacks the implementation of a number of contracts, including important EU-funded municipal projects imposing strict deadlines for the absorption of the funding. The authorities were also employed on the Implementing Rules for the Public Procurement Act. The professional firms in construction already had a stand on the Implementing Rules; the document was to be ready in a month. The first electronic tenders for pharmaceuticals and goods would be floated soon. The Bulgarian government was cooperating with the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the supply of services on electronic tenders, says, Bobeva. However there would be no introduction of electronic public procurement in the construction sector in recent future. The government’s reindustrialization strategy would likely to be presented on Thursday. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, Bulgaria required concrete efforts to encourage the industry, NGO’s and academia shares the same belief. Total of around BGN 150 M had been entrained for industrial infrastructure, mainly roads, covered by the Public Investment Program of the government. The amount will used to cover the construction and rehabilitation of around 350km of roads. The reindustrialization policy also anticipates a form of public-private partnership under which the business sector would share the expenses for the construction of the required infrastructure. The reindustrialization policy also covers the construction of industrial parks with EU funding. The low energy efficiency of Bulgarian companies, poor infrastructure, the construction sector’s high administrative burden and the improper public procurement procedures as major hurdles with a unfavorable impact on growth and development, says Bobeva. The recent government had initiated implementing three packages of measures targeted at cutting red tape, stressing that a major part of these measures relates to the construction sector.

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