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Alba Tec receives AED20 million construction contract

Posted By Morris On 13 Jun 2014 in Construction and Real Estate

Alba Tec receives AED20 million construction contract
The management of the second phase development of Port Marfa in the Al Gharbia Region of the Abu Dhabi, is to be undertaken by Alba Tec, a construction company well versed in pre-engineered building works. The master developer of industrial zones and ports in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, ADPC awards the contract to Alba Tec, valuing AED20 million. The contract agreement got sealed at the ADPC’s headquarters by Capt. Mohamed Juma Al-Shamisi, CEO of ADPC and Akram Chalich, managing director of Alba Tec Construction and Development. Marfa Port’s development work has been divided into two phases. An investment of approximate value AED17 million represents the first phase work, while the addition of the second phase will reach above AED40 million overall. Inaugurated in the 1970s, Port Marfa is regarded as a location for pearl diving and a fishing port since then. It is an exotic location for tourism and substantial development is designed for the region as part of the 2030 Economic Plan. It is referred as the most important projects in the Al Gharbia region. The investment in Marfa will facilitate improved infrastructure and support development in near future, says Capt. Al-Shamisi. There are four ports in Al Gharbia region handled by ADPC - Marfa, Al Sila, Mugharrag and Delma. In order to strengthen local business and industries, to raise the maritime facilities various investment programs has being led by ADPC to boost forthcoming development in infrastructure.

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