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New projects for 25 talented in Riyadh education

Posted By Morris On 22 Mar 2019 in Education

New projects for 25 talented in Riyadh education
The Director of the Department of Talents in the General Directorate of Education in Riyadh, Dr. Mohammed Al-Aqeel, praised the significant development in the performance and ideas of talented students by encouraging and adopting the management of talented people to produce new Saudi patents and projects to achieve the vision of the Kingdom. And Entrepreneurship (4) for the current academic year, which lasted for 8 weeks in partnership and cooperation with the curriculum schools. Mr. Adel Naeem, Director of Alafab Lab, said: "The fourth initiative for innovation and entrepreneurship was attended by 25 talented students from Riyadh who succeeded in producing their ideas in 8 weeks and will be presented at the" Innovators of Riyadh "exhibition, praising the students' enthusiasm and ideas. And innovative projects. The director of giftedness toured the Riyadh school and attended the attendance of the administration supervisors and the parents of the students on the projects presented by the students. They listened to the students' explanation of these projects and the way they worked and produced them. He expressed his happiness with the new projects and ideas that serve humanity in a number of fields.

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