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New investment projects this year

Posted By Morris On 27 Apr 2019 in Other Services

 investment projects
Jolo pointed out that part of the investments financed by local banks in the Brazilian market, explaining that the country's experiences in the company had a big role, adding that the project is a direct development between us and our partners and there was no competition, but a direct agreement between the parties. In response to a question about the company's plans in Latin America, Jolo said that the company focuses in these areas to invest in it for more than one reason, including the demand for energy, in addition to the agreement to buy production in local markets, pointing to the interest in promoting investments in Latin America, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Peru, explaining that the acquisition is the first investment T for the company in Latin America, but there is a study of other investment projects reached some stages Mottag hope to be blood before the end of this year. "This is our first step in a very vital area that has been identified by Nebras Energy as our starting point for future growth and we intend to follow it closely," said Faisal Al Siddiqui, Executive Director, Business Development, Nebras Energy. In a balanced manner and enhance Nebras' ability to develop renewable energy projects.

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