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17 Sep 2019| Posted by Morris | In Other Services

When it comes to acquiring the government tenders, surely a lot of factors are into play. But a lot of small organizations have this idea that they cannot acquire the government contracts, even if they overwhelmingly qualify for the requirements. Not only is this not true, but there are certain contracts which require only small organizations to participate in the bidding process. In this post, we will elaborate on some more popular myths about the government contracts being acquired by the small businesses.

Myth Number 1: - Extreme competition

Truth: - It may seem that government contracts meant solely for the small organizations might be overly competitive. However, this is far from truth. There is a dearth of small organizations that don’t fulfill the pre-requisites of the government contracts in India successfully. Plus, the Indian government lay out contracts every year specifically for the small organization.

If your small organization has all the necessary requirements, then by all means put your time, money and energy to apply for the government contracts.

Myth Number 2: - The lower bidder is always going to be the winner

Truth: - While it is true that companies who pitches the lower bids are likely to get the attention, but the government has fair idea about market prices. And this is why they don’t award the government contracts to a small organization solely based on the lower bids.

In fact, in some cases, lower bids also set a negative impression in the minds of the panelists. Instead of pricing, the emphasis is more on the small organization who has the technical as well as administrative manpower to fulfill the requirements of the project comprehensively.

Yes, too high pricing is likely to get your bid rejected. The pricing needs to be appropriate and justifiable to the panelists.

Myth number 3: - The government doesn’t pay on time

Truth: - We have to admit that there are certain cases where the Indian government haven’t paid on time even after the project has been completed successfully. However, in most scenarios, this isn’t really the case as there are strict terms and conditions bind by the laws. Failing to comply with these terms and conditions can be detrimental for both the organizations and for the government.

We advise the bidders to always ask for strict legal clauses, terms and conditions in order to avoid such type of hassle. According to our research, Indian governments on most occasions pay the complete amount within the stipulated time, provided that the organization is not at fault in any way.

Myth number 4: - Spending too much time and money for the government contract

Truth: - When you have a large organization, it is easy to allocate time and money to apply successfully for the government contracts. However, if a small organization truly fulfills the criteria for selection, then it is only a matter of couple of unsuccessful bids, that a small organization will eventually win a government contract.

However, a small or any size organization needs to be actually true with their capabilities, their accreditations, certifications , skills and expertise which are verifiable for the government. There is no need to inflate the rewards and achievements if they do not exist on paper. In fact, inflating it too much is likely to get your tender application rejected.

Myth number 5: - Too much complication involved

Truth: - If a small organization truly possess all the necessary accreditations, certifications, licenses, skill, experience and manpower, then the process of filling the government tenders is rarely complicated. It is only when the organizations try to portray a larger version of their qualifications, skills, and expertise, that they are going to find extremely difficult to acquire the government contract.

You will find a fair amount of tips on our website tendersontime, on how to successfully bid for the Indian government contracts. After all, filling the submitting the tender application form is more of a learning curve.

Who gets the Indian government contracts?

Organizations of all sizes are capable of acquiring the lucrative Indian government contracts through the municipal, state or even central government.

What kind of things that the government offers contracts for?

The government opens up contracts for smallest of things to the various machineries that are largely used in the factories. Paper towels, leather chairs, ceiling fans, air conditioners, sewing machines, and what not; the key is to recognize the requirements of the government and then place your bid.

Do the government keep an eye on the small organizations?

They do. There are appointed people in the government that are solely responsible for keeping an eye on the qualified organizations that have the skills, expertise, manpower and experiences for fulfilling the contracts.

How to make my organization more known in the eyes of the government?

Your organization certainly needs to complete a few government contracts. We highly recommend you to keep your bidding price low (but not too low also) in order to win the government contracts during the initial period. Once your organization has earned a reputation in fulfilling the contracts, there are immense opportunities that will open up.

What other things an organization needs to keep in mind in order to win the government contracts?

If your application has been accepted, then you would likely be called for an oral presentation. It is important that you state convincingly the aspects of your bid during the oral presentation also. Any sort of contradictions will likely get your application rejected.

About Tendersontime

When it comes to successfully getting the government contracts, the key thing is to know about them as soon as they are released. And this is where most organizations lag behind others. Luckily, our website is solely dedicated to providing the information about the government contracts from not only India but also from other parts of the world of Asia, Europe and Africa. We track nearly 10000 government agencies and websites on a daily basis and this is what makes us so successful for making the announcement of the tender at the earliest. For any organization looking to successfully apply for the government contract, we highly recommend them to keep a track of our website.

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