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Large-Scale Domestic and International Investments Increase Demand for Project Logistics

Posted By Morris On 29 Dec 2018 in Technology and Equipment

Large-Scale Domestic and International Investments Increase Demand for Project Logistics
The large-scale industry in Turkey, and the increase of energy superstructure investments, also gives impetus to the project logistics. Bridges, airports, wind turbines and non-standard loads of industrial investments are transported by project logistics planning. The presence of major power lines in Turkey and neighboring countries, especially other large-scale construction projects with continued investments by Turkish firms in neighboring countries, is increasing the demand for project logistics. With the growth momentum in the sector, more companies are entering the market. Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and African countries, from Turkey logistics partners choose their investments. Turkey's long-time business relationship with industry representatives said market that continues, the company engaged in transportation projects mean that it has the advantage to be able to evaluate the mobility and infrastructure. With the ongoing projects in Africa and CIS countries, Turkish project companies are actively working on projects in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. In parallel, Turkey's place in the global logistics arena and its importance is growing with each passing day. In the long run, rail transport will come forward Global trade, especially in South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Africa-shifted towards the target market in the Middle East, Turkey also offers great opportunities for the development of logistics activities take place exactly in the heart of this region. However, Turkey rival countries are also stronger. Emphasizing that the desired share in the region is not taken from transit transport, sector representatives state that the necessary investments can be taken from the business volume in the region with the right investments to be carried out. The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line has been completed immediately. This special position can be turned into an advantage if improvements are made in the components of the logistics chain in terms of speed and cost. At this point, the project between China-EU and the EU-Iran is an important opportunity to strengthen the sector on the basis of the liberalization of the railway network in transit transportation and on the basis of cost and speed. In the long term, the biggest dynamism and investment in the rail transport industry underlining the expectations of the sector representatives, with the liberalization of this potential in the field will convey a great potential. In this context, domestic companies need to shape their investments in this direction. The projects developed by companies both at home and abroad bring about the development of logistics services in this area. Because of these requirements, logistics companies have established their own project transportation departments. About 80 companies provide services in the transport sector projects in Turkey. Representing the project logistics as an area that requires special equipment and experience, sector representatives point out that although the number of firms operating in this field seems to be low, this sector can meet different needs in recent years. The project conveys that transport is different from traditional transport methods and says that various physical and legislative infrastructures are needed for this. There is still a need to improve training, awareness and legislative infrastructures on the use of special equipment in the guidance of guidance vehicles to be used in project transportation, training of other personnel to be involved in driver and project transportation.Technology investments gained momentum over the last five years On the other hand, the development of new generation motor technologies, the reduction of fuel consumption rates and the requirements for the protection of the environment make it important to renew the vehicles. As the vehicle capacities need to be increased for efficiency, the fleets are renewed with increasing acceleration for the last 10 years. With the investments made, the average age of the vehicles transporting abroad has fallen to 2 to 3 years of age. In terms of technology, the sector has gained remarkable momentum especially in the last five years. The process that started with vehicle tracking has become more and more technology with the fleet management systems integrated with the software and transactions made via mobile devices. Sector representatives, who point out that investments in the sector are more focused on vehicle and warehouse investments, emphasize that technology investments are increasing. However, these investments in the global competition, highlighting the competitiveness of the sector, highlighting the need for more integrated services in the sector and global investments in the need to take place in a place that emphasizes. logistics centers will be opened in the potential market to strengthen its position in the sector, experts said would contribute to rekebet power of multimodal transport-oriented superstructure investments, it says must commissioning of the investment will attract transport corridor to Turkey.

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