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21 Oct 2018| Posted by Morris | In Other Services

The "Green Path of Resuscitation" project of the National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM) received the award "Healthcare Excellence", an initiative that distinguishes projects to improve the quality of health services provided.

The project began in 2016 at the Hospital Center of S. João, in Porto, and its first objective is to save people in situations of cardiac arrest, through the use of technology that allows the oxygenation of the body while the heart is stationary. Since the victim can not be recovered, the device (ECMO) preserves the organs, allowing to increase the transplants. The success of the results led to the project being extended to the hospitals in Lisbon and, in January, will start in Coimbra. The initiative of the Portuguese Association of Hospital Administrators attributed an honorable mention to the project "Frequent users of the General Emergency Service", Hospital Garcia de Orta and Grouping of Health Centers Almada Seixal, and another to the project "Telemonitorization of patients with chronic heart failure "Of the Hospital Center of Cova da Beira.

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