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Indian Pharma: Scope, Size and Opportunities in Govt Sector

Posted By Morris On 16 May 2018 in Education

Indian Pharma
We all know that India has substantial market share of Generic Drugs in International market. And the reasons are well known: Low cost of manufacturing, competition and easy availability of skilled manpower. Below are few numbers which will give us an idea about Indian Pharma Sector strength, specially in Generic Drugs: a) Total pharma exports in the year 2016-17 was USD 16.8 Billion. b) With expected export growth of 30% it is expected to touch USD 20 Billion in the years 2020. c) India has one fifth share (20%) of the global generic market. With government's contentious efforts in improving the raking on ease of doing business, through a notice published in March 2018 the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) allowed all pharma exporters to export with out obtaining No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the regulatory authorities. The Pharma public procurement market can be divided in to two segments: A) Indian Govt Business You might be knowing that Indian Govt budget spend on healthcare was around 1.15% of GDP, which the Govt has planned to increase to 2.5% in the year 2025. The total health budget for 18/19 was Rs. 52,800 Crores, which includes every thing like spend of services, infra, procurement of drugs, medicines, contraceptives and spend on centrally sponsored schemes. Outsource all this does not includes spend by different state Govt, as the matter of health is a state subject. The point which I want to drive here is that the total amount spent by different state govt and central govt should be to the tune of 20 K crores. Now you can estimte the relative position of your organization vis a viz presence of other players etc. Nevertheless selling to government is always a good proposition, specially with govt’s resolve to increase the spending in years to come. Now the first step is to find pharma tenders. You can get your organization registered with few purchasers, which purchase drugs in huge quantities and on a regular basis. The other option is you subscribe a tender content aggregator like: Global Tenders Online Once you subscribe you will get pharma tenders info on daily basis. Then you can decide which tender you can participate. B) Foreign Tenders The rules of the game are almost similar, except in case of foreign countries, you need to register your products with regulatory authorities, before you bid. Few countries give you the freedom of letting you register your products within a certain period of time, in case you win the tender. There are very few countries where registration is not required and simple GMP is allowed. But most of the countries insist on WHO GMP certification. For receiving daily information on International tenders you can again bank on Global Tenders Online Apart from providing global tenders for pharmaceuticals, Tendersontime also provide bid facilitation and consultancy services with the help of local agents in 40+ countries. The complete details of the services can be viewed here: Win Tenders in foreign Countries with our Local Agent Support and Bidding Consultancy Services Tendersontime also provide help in filing e-tenders published by different tendering authorities. This is a unique service where they make sure that you submit a flawless and winning bid. Nowadays the procurement is moving towards online procurement, it is all the more important that your organization start participating in tenders, if not doing currently.

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