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Electricity is discussing innovative projects

Posted By Morris On 22 Mar 2019 in Materials and Products

Electricity projects
A number of specialists and experts at the Saudi Electricity Company discussed a number of innovative projects in the electric power industry, including the project to extract minerals from carbon ash resulting from fuel combustion in power stations, power generation from water movement and various other projects. This came during a workshop on "crystallization of generation projects" in the presence of the Executive Vice President of Generation, Khalid Al-Taaimi, the heads of the generation sectors and their employees in the business areas, in addition to a number of station managers, energy consultant, business consultants, legal advisors and students from the Department of Business Administration, The new business industry program at the Innovation Energy Incubator Forum In cooperation with the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology »KAUST« which recently held a company. The projects focused on the manufacturing of reverse engineering spare parts, utilization of technical workshop services, mining of carbon ash, water investment and associated products for generation, electricity generation from water movement and the expanding units.

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