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Dos and Don’ts of Asbestos Exposure- Don’t Panic, Be Smart! Materials and Products

26 Aug 2019| Posted by Morris | In Materials and Products

Most of us are quite familiar with the term Asbestos; it is a common element of our urban jungle. Report suggests it is one of the few minerals used extensively by early men. Evidence of Asbestos use was found profoundly in east Finland, ancient and modern Greek and in Rome as well.


Now, let’s see what is Asbestos?

The term ‘asbestos’ is used to denote- a group of naturally occurring minerals,made of microscopic fibres. Due to its agile nature, they can withstand extensive wear and tear. The flexible fibres of asbestos are heat resistant. Not only that they can combat electricity and corrosion as well.



Use of Asbestos

  • The versatile nature of this material is the reason behind its popularity and usefulness. The pure form of asbestos can be used as an effective insulator.
  • In can also be used along with other materials to make them robust like- cement, plastic, cloth, paper etc.
  • Asbestos was extensively used in insulation, flooring, roofing etc. often it used to spray on walls and ceiling due to its water resistant property.
  • The use of asbestos was prohibited in the U.S after its hazards were discovered by researchers.


Hazards of Asbestos

There are 4 predominant diseases associated with breathing, in asbestos fibre:

a)      Diffuse pleural thickening: it thickens the pleural membrane of the lungs and chest wall. Due to this disease, the lungs will have a problem while expanding and the victim may feel breathless.

b)      Asbestosis: an infrequent but long term lung disease, usually occur 20-30 years after the victim had breathed in a substantial amount of asbestos dust. Fatigue or extreme tiredness is the main symptom of asbestosis.

c)      Lung cancer- prolong exposure to asbestos dust may result in lung cancer, which is not curable.

d)     Mesothelioma: it is a type of lung cancer which results in the lining around the victim’s lungs. The Main symptoms of this disease are coughing and chest pain accompanied by breathing problem.

Other than the above-mentioned diseases asbestos breathing also cause inflammation, scarring, moreover genetic damage to the body cells. Different forms of cancer along with progressive lung disease.


Risks due to Asbestos Exposure

Recent studies proved that asbestos exposure is not safe irrespective of the amount and time. The intense concentration of asbestos results in the worst effects. Persons those are exposed to a substantial amount of asbestos every day are prone to affect by long term asbestos disease. The sad part is the cellular damage associated with asbestos is irreversible.

Due to the long latency period of the asbestos-related disease, most of the patients are in their 60s or even above that. It usually takes decades to develop and more associated with occupational exposure.

The workers of Asbestos manufacturing unit are prone to these diseases. Workers who are associated with construction, fire fighting, heavy industry, mining and electricity generation fall under this category. Family members of these workers also possess a high chance of asbestos disease to partial or secondary asbestos exposure.

Asbestos dust is very harmful to newborn babies and older person as their immunity capacity is much lower than adults. Skin allergy may result due to contaminated clothes and tools. A person who lives in the vicinity of asbestos mining or industry puts themselves in the risk of environmental exposure.

What are some asbestos products?

  • Roofing Felt
  • Cement with asbestos dust
  • Asbestos fortified plastics
  • Vinyl asbestos tiles
  • Adhesives and wall coating mixed with asbestos





Identification of Asbestos Products

Most of the asbestos products are comes along with the manufacture’s label mentioning the composition and percentage of materials used in the product. Without that there is no prescribed way to identify asbestos material. Sending the material to the lab for testing can be a feasible idea because asbestos exposure does not result in immediate symptoms. Just by looking at the product it is hard to identify whether the material consists asbestos or not.


Already have asbestos in your home? Here are the things you should do.

Do not panic if you find asbestos products in your home.

Products which contain asbestos aren't damaged or disturbed not likely to pose any health risk. If the asbestos-containing material is in good condition then better to leave that aside without disturbing it.  

Usually, asbestos-containing materials do not release fibres if it is not disturbed through hammering or remodelling.

Do not cut, torn, drill, scape or repair asbestos material as it may emit harmful asbestos fibre. Avoid touching and vibrating those materials. Only allow experienced and trained asbestos removal professionals to the necessary work.

There are many professionalasbestos removal companies that can help you removing asbestos products from your home. You can contact TendersOnTime, the maestro team of the company is flexible and fast when it comes to asbestos removal. They understand the sense of urgency related to asbestos removal and work like a pro.

How to Choose Asbestos Professionals?

Asbestos professionals should be contacted when it comes to resolving any problem related to asbestos damage. If the asbestos-containing material is damage profusely then trained and accredited asbestos professionals should be called for required action.

Still confused how to choose the right asbestos professional for your home? Contact TendersOnTime, an authentic domain maintained by Global Tenders Service Pvt Limited (GTS). Under their umbrella you will have all the domestic and international tender information regarding almost anything.

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How Asbestos Removal Companies Work?

Renowned asbestos removal companies work in two phases- repair and removal.


It involves sealing and covering of the asbestos material. The asbestos may remain in its place if it can be repaid with any of the processes.

  • Sealing: sealing or encapsulation allows the material to treat using a sealant to bind the asbestos fibre together so the fibres cannot be emitted. This repair process can be applied in pipe, furnace or boiler insulation materials.
  • Covering: covering or enclosure involves covering or wrapping the defected asbestos material to arrest the release of fibre. Professionals should use protective wrap or jackets to cover exposed insulated piping.


The removal procedure is complex and only be performed under the supervision of reputed companies

Removal may be required if asbestos-containing material is extensively damaged and can not be repaired otherwise.

Keep in mind, improper removal may increase the chance of exposure to asbestos fibre.


Things to remember before you hire an Asbestos Professional

  • Try to avoid a conflict of interest before calling your asbestos professional. Asbestos removal firm may not be the same as one who installed it. Rather, it is better to hire two separate firms for two separate reasons.
  • The inspection must include a complete visual examination by the professionals. Photo documentation can be done if necessary.
  • Before performing any measure gets a written contract specifying the suggested work plan.
  • The nature and extent of the damage must be written in a descriptive manner so that everything is documented for future reference.
  • Necessary measure and materials that are required to repair must be well written.
  • Double check is recommended to ensure the perfection of work.

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