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Audi Idea Workshop creates future business models

Posted By Morris On 07 Jan 2019 in Transport and Related Services

Audi Idea Workshop creates future business models

The aim of the Idea Workshop is to connect the company with the world of start-ups and the digital world to experiment with new business methodologies and, more importantly, to develop business models and services that will expand or enhance Audi's range of cars in the future. Become a digital car company. The workshop focuses mainly on urban issues related to transition activities. The workshop, in addition to the concepts of the shape and end of transition journeys, deals with the issue of how to support electrical transport in cities. For example, the team is working on finding solutions for building a flexible, low-cost infrastructure and providing mobile energy storage systems using reusable batteries.

Dubai - 23 Audi employees are meeting in a joint workspace in Berlin to develop a range of business models that are barely linked to cars. The group consists of eight Audi employees living in Berlin and joined by 15 other staff members in a six-month series of visits, at the end of each visit, at the end of each visit. These teams, which cover different business functions, aim to implement a sophisticated business model during these six months through customer focused development as well as collaboration with emerging companies.

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