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Asprela Park Project in 2020 for € 1.7M Construction and Real Estate

17 Oct 2018| Posted by Morris | In Construction and Real Estate

Câmara do Porto reveals that it expects to have equipment completed "in the first half of 2020", a project of 1.7 million euros with "more than 60%" of community funds

Project foresees 'large increase of trees' and treatment of Asprela streams

In the words of the Councilor for the Environment of the municipality of Porto, an initiative planned for the emblematic university zone of Cidade Invicta "is one of the great projects of the Câmara do Porto in terms of the municipal strategy for climate change", since "it personifies a basic change natural 'in relation to land currently abandoned. "It is about creating a new green area for that population, where tens of thousands of people pass daily", emphasized Filipe Araújo in relation to the project that foresees a "great increase of trees", the treatment of streams and the requalification of the space public in that 'emerging zone' of Asprela.

For the councilman, Porto will be "at the forefront with this project", creating in that land of the University of Porto a green space "of natural base prepared for the climatic changes". According to Filipe Araújo, the bidding process is "ready to be launched", with the prospect of completion of the project "in the first half of 2020": the cost of the work is € 1.7 million, but it has already been approved an application for Community funds, corresponding to "more than 60%" of the value of the contract - the remaining amount, between 700 and 900 thousand euros, will be borne by the municipal company Águas do Porto, the University of Porto and the Politécnico do Porto

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