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Acquisition of 80% of the largest solar portfolio Power and Energy

27 Apr 2019| Posted by Morris | In Power and Energy

Nebras Energy Investment Management Company In. A wholly-owned Dutch subsidiary of Nebras Energy, has entered into a binding agreement to acquire an 80% stake in four solar PV projects in Brazil from Candian Solar, a leading global developer of photovoltaic solar plants and a solar panel plant. The portfolio, which has acquired a majority stake in its shares, is the largest portfolio of photovoltaic solar PVs ready for development in Latin America with a total production capacity of 482.6 MW. At a press conference held at Nebras Energy yesterday, Khalid Mohammed Jolo, Chief Executive Officer of Nebras Energy said that the agreement will move Nebras to the next stage of its global expansion, stressing Nebras' commitment to becoming a world leader in energy development. That Nebras is not planning to do so alone, but with reliable partners. e details p

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