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A Kuwaiti company develops an integrated solar power plant in Jordan Power and Energy

10 Apr 2019| Posted by Morris | In Power and Energy

The Alternative Energy Projects Company (KIPCO), a member of KIPCO Group, has signed a contract with Qawar Investment Company, based in Jordan, to develop an integrated solar power plant with a transit system for the public electricity network for Zain / Jordan .

The company said in a press statement on Sunday that the signing of the contract reflects the efforts of international companies to keep abreast of the development of energy and to reduce their consumption and replace them with other clean and renewable sources such as solar and wind energy.

The plant aims to provide Zain / Jordan with electricity from a renewable and environmentally friendly source. "Global warming is a real problem that threatens the world. The solution is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the main cause of global warming, by replacing traditional carbon resources with renewable and environmentally friendly sources," said Dr Hassan Kassem, general manager of Alternative Energy Projects. The most important of which is solar energy.

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