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5 Tips for Tender Management for the Bidders

Posted By Morris On 26 Aug 2019 in Other Services

5 Tips for Tender Management for the Bidders
When it comes to acquiring the tenders, especially of the Indian government tenders and contracts, there are significant parameters that comes into play. However, by keeping in view of few factors, one dramatically improves their chances of winning a contract. As we all know, the government contracts provide a significant margin and hence it makes real sense to take care of the few factors. In this post, we will outline five of them in an elaborative manner. Getting to know about the tenders at the earliest: - You might be surprised to know, but the government of India nearly operates 5000 + websites through its central and state governments. There are a lot of departments for every sector and each one of them can float a tender depending on the need. This makes it extremely important to be aware about the tenders that are released. However, it is nearly impossible to track down the government tenders online by tracking each website daily. And this is why we provide our very valuable services of tracking the tender online India. We not only updates the latest government tenders on our website, but also provide a subscription service of it so that our users get to know about them as soon as they are released. Getting to know about the tenders at the earliest gives you much needed time to prepare the document for an attractive Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ). A lot of companies are unsuccessful in acquiring the tenders simply because they do not highlight their core skills, expertise and experience in an effective manner as they are late in getting to know about the tenders in the first place. Preparing for the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ): - Let’s admit that preparing an effective PQQ is time consuming process which requires immense strategy in order to make the bid shortlisted. However, a lot of organizations do not really know the key parameters to highlight in the PQQ. The aim of PQQ is to allow the bidders to showcase their past skills, experience and experience which are very much similar to the domain for which they are looking to acquire the tenders. It is important to note that irrelevant experience, technical expertise and qualifications will only led to the rejection of the application. The bidders which usually get selected for the ITT are the ones which showcases similar experience. If a bidder can showcase more qualified experience than required for the contract, their chances of winning the contract increases dramatically. It is important for the bidder to effectively highlight their policies, accreditations, licenses, CVs and even the case studies which are relevant to the type of work in the contract. Research and Analysis: - A bidder needs to go thoroughly through the specific requirements of the buyer. This also includes the understanding the culture of the buyer organization. A lot of bidders need help in this segment and this is why there are efficient tender’s consultancy services that provide their valuable services for this specific reason. Having enough financial threshold: - As depressing as it may sound, but as a bidder, you really should not look to bid for a contract for which you don’t have the required financial threshold, even if the budget is not stated mandatory. A lot of problems arises when as a bidder you are annual turnover is even half of what the job contract. And finally, proofreading: - No matter how perfectly you think you stated the facts, figures, case studies for the contract, as a bidder you should ideally have your answers looked over by a neutral person. This allows them to find the rarest of mistakes in the language which might have a negative impact on the buyer when they go through your submitted tender. Some of the common mistakes that happen while creating a response of the tender include the likes of wrong statistics and figures. The grammar and spelling mistakes usually do not have a significant negative impact, but they do reflect an unprofessional attitude to the buyer. Major mistake made by the bidders for the project tenders A lot of times, the bidders do not state the accurate pricing for which they want to acquire the contract. They think to keep a room open for negotiation, not knowing that bids without clear comprehensive pricing strategies create a bad impression on the buyer. You can mention that pricing is negotiable however, always state clear pricing templates for the contract. Why choose Tendersontime? With more than a decade experience, we have become proficient and reliable to provide you with the latest government tenders not only from India, but from around the world. There are a lot of reasons for you as a bidder to choose us from our competitors. They are the following More than 35,000 + tenders are added everyday on our website. We track nearly 1000 papers from the regions of Asia, Africa and Europe on a daily basis. We help our clients to prepare the bid with our consultancy services in nearly 45 countries. We also have dedicated tender portals for various countries like the www.francetenders.com, www.spaintenders.com, www.kenyatenders.com, www.ghanatenders.com, www.tanzaniatenders.com. End to end facilitation and consultancy services. We attend the bidding process on behalf of the bidding company. We are very efficient in the art of tender management. We can prepare the tender for your behalf in order to highlight the best of your skills, expertise and experience according to the specific requirements. Latest Government Tenders A lot of startups have benefitted from our services as we are usually the first ones to report about the Maharashtra Pwd tenders and bank of Baroda tenders. Similarly, we are far ahead of our competitors to report about the bank of Baroda tenders at the earliest. About Tendersontime If you are looking to get immediate notifications about the tenders from India and around the world, then Tendersontime is the best site for you. With 24*7 working of our staff, we cover tenders of all budgets, especially the ones released in Asia, Europe and Africa. If you want to know about the compliances, RFPs, industry news and the government contract awards, then give us a try. We will surely benefit you in your quest to acquire big tenders from leading organizations.

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