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10 Successful Tips for Acquiring the Government Tender Other Services

17 Sep 2019| Posted by Morris | In Other Services

Every private company knows about the government tenders. That they are mighty lucrative and allow a company to earn reputation by providing their valuable services. However, many companies make some grievous mistakes while bidding, which gets their tender application rejected. In this post, we will take a look at ten successful tips for acquiring the government tender.


  1. Making the most of the template: - Tender application usually have limited space which makes it imperative for the organization to utilize them effectively.

    There is also certain format which needs to be followed while filling the application. The aim of format is to help the government officials to understand your application easily within less time, as they have to screen thousands of applications.

    Remember, while filling your tender application, less is usually more. Don’t write more than the required space. Ensure that you answer the question to the point.

    Your tender response should be clear, logical and reflect your ability to deliver the project on time. Also make sure to write a persuasive introduction as that is the first thing that will engage the attention of the panelist to read the tender application further.

    The key thing to note is that all the answers should reflect to complete the requirement of the buyer in the most comprehensive manner. The government needs to know whether you have the technical and other relevant manpower to complete the task within the stipulated deadline.
  2. Mentioning the milestones and the appropriate cost related to it: - Milestones provide a timeline of the activities that your organization will take, if the project is awarded to you. The milestones help the panelists to understand the quality of your workmanship. Needless to say, the better cost you lay out for each milestone, the more chances you will have of receiving the tender.
  3. Do the background research: - Although it is advantageous if your organization has the exact qualifications (preferably more) than the work which needs to be completed by the tender, you should always do a thorough background research of the type of work. This will help you to quote the exact prices and time completion.
  4. Delivery charges: - There are always going to be delivery charges of some or the other form. You need to include them in your tender application form.

  5. Organizing the document clearly: - All tender applications requires some sort of documents to be submitted by the bidding companies. The documents are usually related to licensing, accreditations, certifications, rewards. While filling the applications, it is important to arrange such documents at the appropriate places.

    Most bidders make the mistake of attaching all the relevant documents at the end of the application form. The relevant documents should be placed at appropriate places in the application form.

  6. Not forgetting to include all the relevant details: - There are a lot of relevant details that might seem unimportant to the bidder. These need to be reflected in the tender application form. Information such as the ABN, company profile, expertise, licensing number, accreditations, no. of employees, high profile references, applicable insurances, GST and other taxes, intellectual property rights, rewards and achievements.

    All the above mentioned information are highly relevant to bid successfully for any government project. It gives the panelist to contemplate about awarding the tender to your organization.

  7. Making sure to include some references: - If skills, expertise and licensing grabs the attention of the panelist, then references allow them to seriously contemplate about the credibility of your organization for the project.
  8. Including the referees: - You want to make sure that include all the right referees in your tender application form. It is important to take the permission of the referees before including their name in the application. The right referees will make your application stand apart from the others.

  9. Proofreading: - When you have successfully filled the tender application form, it is absolutely vital to proof read it. Think about proofreading it from the point of the view of the panelists.

    Look for places where you can add more value to your answer.Usually a lot more has to be conveyed through the answers than what the question asks for. It is up to the bidder to identify all the selection criteria of the government and then look to answer to the best of their abilities.

    Another thing to ensure is that all the relevant experience, accreditations, referees, certifications, rewards and achievements are in the public domain or at least verifiable easily.

    And lastly, you want to ensure to hire a reputed proofreader that can easily point out the mistakes. Preferably get a professional copy editor that can carry out this task. You can also call out people to take a look at your tender application form but make sure that those people are not involved in the tender application process.

  10. Submitting the tender on time: - Many people make the mistake of submitting the tender after the last date. Unless your organization has a very renowned brand name, or if there is pre-agreement regarding the late submission of the tender, you should never make the mistake of late submission of the government tender application form.

    Submitting the tender late not only ensures the rejection, but also sets up a bad impression about your organization in the mind of the panelists for the future government tenders. If the application form needs to be posted, then consider opting for the same day delivery services. You can also do the hand delivery of the tender, if the company allows that.

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